Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rush Limbaugh cites Halberstam book, 'The Best and the Brightest,' how the smartest people in the world made the Vietnam war. People billed as certainly smarter than the rest of us came up with ObamaCare

'Best and Brightest' reference follows after a few paragraphs below:

10/28/13, "How Will the Millennials Fund Obamacare If They Don't Have Jobs?" Rush Limbaugh

"RUSH: Carol in Pittsburgh.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello....

CALLER:  I'm awful glad that you are doing this piece today, because it's giving us a chance, those of us who are as frustrated as you are --...I can't tell you how many times I would watch Krauthammer or people like him and felt like throwing something through the television set, because you know he has the same access that we have to all this information, and he insists on giving his "opinion" based upon the fact that Obama is some tepid in-the-middle ideologue when all he has to do is owe up to the truth. We all know that he has a history of far, far leftism, so why doesn't Krauthammer's opinion come from that viewpoint to begin with?  It's just so frustrating. He's choosing to leave out half the information, the information that, you know, truly makes the opinion piece worth anything.

RUSH:  Well, I mean, if I were to endeavor to answer your question, or try to answer your question, I can only guess.  I quoted two e-mails from a friend of mine who described the inside the Beltway mind-set, and I think he may be right. There are just a lot of assumptions made about politicians inside the Beltway, that they all want a growing economy; that they all want to reduce the debt; that they all want the US to be a superpower. They just automatically assume that anybody that becomes president wants those things, and then they go from there.  And of course if that's your starting point with Obama, you're missing the story entirely.

CALLER:  I have another question I was wondering.  All of this about the health care bill they're talking about every night, the linchpin seems to be the young, the Millennium generation paying into this.  But he hasn't created a job for any of these people in the past five years.  How are these people gonna kick in if they don't have a job?...

RUSH: Now, what I think is brilliant about the question is it fits in with everything we're talking about today. Assumptions that are totally devoid of reality. The reality is Millennials can't find work, ergo, they've got no income, yet they are the primary funders, and yet the wizards of smart behind all this don't seem to put that together. They just think that they open the website, announce it's available, and these eager Millennials run in and sign up.  But they, even the wizards of smart are failing to realize that because of the economy they have all given us, there aren't any jobs for these people. They're not even putting two and two together.  

It can't work in this economy, because the people, it turns out, who are responsible for funding it, don't have the money.  Even if the website was working, they would log on, they'd get their sticker shock, and I think, in fact, those who are logging on and getting through are seeing the sticker shock, and I think they're going to Medicaid. I think when the Millennials go to Medicaid, instead of buying Obamacare, it's just gonna make everybody else's costs go up because the Millennials are not going to be contributing, so to speak....

But nobody talks about that.  It's just like when Washington raises taxes. They just assume everybody's got the money to pay and they're gonna be fine after the tax increase and they'll continue to buy their flat screens and cell phones and what have you, and slowly but surely they are destroying the economy. Ninety million Americans are not working....

Remember how the early sign-up success stories were all about these young college kids getting Medicaid?  In Kentucky, 82% of the new sign-ups are Medicaid. They're not Obamacare.  And Obama called the governor of Kentucky, said, "Way to go.  Way to go, dude.  Way to run that exchange."  No, it's not working.  And now they had their glitch, it shut down in 14 or 15 states or 30 states, whatever, and now the technicians are saying, "You know what, we have to just broom the whole thing and rebuild it from scratch."....

I can't tell you the number of people in leadership positions in this country who have been Peter principled on us. Remember, The Best and the Brightest, that book that David Halberstam wrote about the Vietnam War? The Best and the Brightest was not a complimentary thing. It was about how could these wizards of smart have so goofed up the Vietnam War. The McNamaras of the world and the LBJs and the Schlesingers, and all of these brilliant people, the best and the brightest, and look how they made a mess of it.  And it's just repeating itself.  The best and brightest are buffoons, incompetent morons passed off as the wizards of smart, smarter than you and I will ever be, so smart they can't keep up with 'em. We can't even understand what they do, they're so far ahead of us."
"The Best and the Brightest," David Halberstam, published in 1969


10/28/13, "How Retirees Will Suffer Under the ACA," Wall St. Journal, The Experts, Bud Hebeler,

"Everyone, including retired people, will see a significantly enlarged 1040 income tax form to include many personal health-care inputs so that the IRS can fulfill the ACA mandated surveillance. Many will be unhappy having this kind of information in the IRS database."


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