Monday, October 21, 2013

Afghan trained by chump US taxpayer cash defects to Taliban, takes Humvee and 20 weapons with him, sets Humvee on fire. Easy to do since peace partner staff was reduced due to Muslim holiday, terrorist gave money to others to go home

10/20/13, "Special Forces officer defects to Taliban," ASADABAD (PAN):

"An Afghan Special Forces unit commander has defected to the Taliban, taking 20 weapons and a military tank with him in eastern Kunar province, officials said on Sunday.

Governor Shujaul Mulk Jalala told Pajhwok Afghan News the Sarkano district-based officer fled in a tank with 20 weapons to the Sheigal district on the second day (Wednesday) of Eidul Adha.

He said the officer set alight the tank as the road he travelled on ended in Sheigal and he moved ahead with the stolen weapons on foot.

Jalala said he had a meeting with tribal elders from Sheigal and they had promised to extend their cooperation in finding the officer and the weapons.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed a soldier was missing in Kunar, but gave no details. Security officials said the officer had joined the Taliban."


Many Afghan peace partners were away from duty due to Muslim holiday Eid:

10/21/13, "Afghan special forces commando defects to insurgents taking weapons with him," UK Telegraph, by , Afghanistan correspondent, and Zubair Babakarkhail

"An Afghan special forces commander, trained by the US, has defected to insurgents fighting international forces, taking with him a Humvee armoured vehicle packed with weapons, according to local officials.

It is the latest setback to the Afghan National Army (ANA), which is struggling to retain troops as it takes control of security throughout the country. 
Shuja-Ul Mulk Jalala, governor of the eastern province of Kunar, said Museeb Khan had joined his uncle, a feared Hezb-i-Islami commander in the Shegal Valley, during last week’s religious festival of Eid. 
He was an officer with a special force unit charged with launching operations against Islamist fighters. 
With some soldiers already on leave for the holiday, Khan offered money to the rest so they could also take time off, said Mr Jalala....

The equipment included night vision goggles – one of the key devices that gives the Afghan National Army and foreign forces an edge over militants."....via Free Republic


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