Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump and Hillary in statistical tie in Wisconsin, Marquette Poll, August 25-28, 2016. 615 Likely voters, error margin 5%, Trump 38, Hillary 41

Trump 38
Hillary 41
Johnson 10
Stein 4

August 25-28, 2016, 615 likely Wisconsin voters, land line and cellphone interviews, error margin 5%. 25R, 30D, 38 Ind.

8/31/16, "New Marquette Law School Poll finds Clinton edge over Trump narrowing to pre-convention levels among Wisconsin voters," Marquette University, Charles Franklin, Milwaukee  

"Among likely voters, Clinton receives 41 percent, Trump 38, Johnson 10 and Stein 4 with 7 percent lacking a preference. In early August, Clinton received 47 percent of likely voters, with Trump at 34 percent, Johnson at 9 and Stein at 3, while 6 percent lacked a preference. In July, among likely voters, Clinton received 43 percent, Trump 37, Johnson 8 and Stein 2....

About the Marquette Law School Poll

The Marquette Law School Poll is the most extensive statewide polling project in Wisconsin history. This poll interviewed 803 registered Wisconsin voters by landline or cell phone, Aug. 25‑28, 2016. The margin of error is +/- 4.5 percentage points for the full sample. For likely voters, the unweighted sample size is 650 and weighted sample size is 615, with a margin of error of +/-5.0 percentage points.

The partisan makeup of the full registered-voter sample, including those who lean to a party, is 45 percent Republican, 46 percent Democratic and 7 percent independent. The long-term estimate over the previous 36 statewide Marquette polls, with 32,146 respondents, is 42 percent Republican and 48 percent Democratic, with 9 percent independent. The partisan makeup of this sample, excluding those who lean to a party, is 27 percent Republican, 30 percent Democratic and 38 percent independent, compared to the long-term estimate of 27 percent Republican, 31 percent Democratic and 38 percent independent."


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