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Capacity crowd of 5000 rallies for Trump in Akron, Ohio, August 22, 2016-Toledo Blade


Above, 8/22/16, Trump rally in Akron, Ohio, Scavino twitter. A capacity crowd filled the 5,000-seat James A. Rhodes arena, per Toledo Blade.

Above, Trump rally in Akron, Ohio, Scavino twitter 

8/22/16, "Trump talks of economic revival in Akron," Toledo Blade, Tom Troy

8/22/16, Akron, ap

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump doubled down on a promise of a massive economic revival in a rally tonight at the University of Akron.
And he issued a call for a special prosecutor to investigate opponent Democratic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for allegedly using the State Department to generate contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

A capacity crowd filled the 5,000-seat James A. Rhodes arena — but not until Mr. Trump was nearly to the end of his speech because he started a half hour before the 7 p.m. scheduled starting time. Before the rally he met behind closed doors with a group from the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police in Akron.

Mr. Trump urged attendees to support him “so that I can be your champion in the White House.”

We’re going to negotiate fair trade deals - and what I mean by ‘fair’ is ‘great’ - that put the American worker first. We’re going to stop the product dumping all over the place and we’re going to stop the unfair foreign currency manipulation which is a form of cheating,” he said.

“I am promising a new legacy for America. We’re going to create a new American future,” Mr. Trump said, cautioning that he has to win the election.

Speaking forcefully and with a slightly hoarse voice, Mr. Trump lambasted Mrs. Clinton’s judgment and accused her of running the Department of State as a “pay to play operation.”

He said the U.S. Justice Department under President Obama can’t be trusted to investigate her so a special prosecutor should be appointed.

“Some former prosecutors have even suggested that the coordination between the pay-for-play State Department and the corrupt Clinton Foundation constitute a clear example of a RICO - Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization - enterprise,” Mr. Trump said. “The Justice Department is required to appoint an independent special prosecutor because it has proven itself to be a political arm of the White House.”

One of those former prosecutors includes former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who introduced Mr. Trump here and said if he was still the U.S. Attorney for New York he would seek an indictment of the former secretary of state.

The real estate mogul promised an immigration policy that will “protect American jobs” and “protect American safety.

We’re going to build the wall so fast their heads will spin. And Mexico will pay for it,” Mr. Trump said.

It was Mr. Trump’s fourth visit to battleground state Ohio since winning the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The Monmouth University Poll conducted July 30 to Aug. 21 found"...

[Ed. note: A statistical tie between Trump and Hillary. Also, the Monmouth University Poll of likely Ohio voters released today was conducted from August 18 to 21, 2016, (4 days) not July 30 to Aug. 21 as the Toledo Blade reports.]

(continuing): "Mrs. Clinton leading Mr. Trump among likely Ohio voters by 43 percent to 39 percent, but with a margin of error of 4.9 percent.

Mallory Manning, 20, of Doylestown, Ohio, came to the rally already an enthusiastic Trump supporter. She was with two other 20-year-old classmates.

I love Donald Trump. I’m a diehard conservative and I think that he will honestly be the best president,” Ms. Manning said. Her biggest issue: “keeping the illegals out, building the wall.

Joyce Reid, 55, of Akron, an accounts payable clerk, said, “I have been a Trump supporter since he announced his candidacy last year. “Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in the history of the planet, and Donald Trump tells it like it is and he’s going to do all the things this country needs to dig itself out of a hole that it’s in.” Ms. Reid said.

“He’s not going back on anything. He’s talking to people and getting their input. That’s one of the things he does as a businessman. He listens to people and takes their advice and changes the plan accordingly. He’s still going to deport illegal aliens. He’s not going to allow 11 million illegal aliens to stay in this country.”

She predicted Mr. Trump will do “very well,” basing that prediction on the size of his crowds compared with those of Ms. Clinton. She doesn’t believe the polls that show Mr. Trump losing the election. “The media is a bunch of liars,” she said."

Image caption: "Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally in Akron today." AP 


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