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Rush Limbaugh, I know you like to be accurate so you'll appreciate recalling what James Carville said about Ted Cruz on Stephanopoulos show two years ago. Better luck next time dredging up praise for your pathetic guy Marco Rubio

4/14/15, "What's the Drive-By Angle on the Marco-Hillary Matchup?" Rush Limbaugh

"So let's go to sound bite 24. We have this afternoon on CNN Wolf Blitzer speaking with the chief political analyst there, Gloria Borger, and they're worried. They're worried about the Rubio side by side with Hillary.....

HALPERIN: If you held Bill Clinton down and pumped him with truth serum, he would tell you that besides Bush, the candidate right now who they think is the most dangerous for Hillary Clinton is Marco Rubio.

RUSH: Okay. So here we have Mark Halperin and Ron Fournier both saying that if you get truth serum in 'em, that Rubio is who the Clintons fear the most. Up next, The Forehead (Paul Begala), last night on Anderson Cooper 97 said, "Rubio's been compared to Obama back in 2007, young, first-term senator, not a lot of experience, great speaker, but at this time eight years ago, Obama held 26% in early voting, Rubio is at 6%. Forehead (Begala), do you think he's got a real shot here?"

BEGALA: I do. I really do. This guy's got a lot of talent. He has a really compelling personal story, as does Barack Obama. It's an all-American story. His bilingual, he's from the closest state in the last presidential election, Florida, which Barack Obama only won by less than 1%. I wouldn't count him out at all. I mean, I think he's got a ton of talent. Let's see if he can develop that talent and actually perform now that he's on the track. 

RUSH: Well, well, well, now, what are we to make of this? Are they telling us the truth?  Are they really more worried about Rubio than anybody else? I've never heard The Forehead as respectful of any Republican candidate as he was there with Rubio. I mean, Ted Cruz is another Hispanic, but you wouldn't have The Forehead or anybody else getting anywhere near praising him the way they just did Rubio.

I know what some of you Tea Party people are saying. I know what you're thinking. 

You're thinking they like him because he was for amnesty originally and they think he still is. And the establishment likes Rubio because he really made it clear he was one of them. He first came out, gets elected to the Senate and immediately jumps on this....You're thinking The Forehead and the rest of these guys look at Rubio as more of an establishment type....Are these guys being truthful, or are they trying to head fake everybody? 
In other words, do they really think that Rubio would be the easiest of all these people to beat and so they're gonna pump him up?"...

To Rush Limbaugh, re: your statement, "Ted Cruz is another Hispanic, but you wouldn't have The Forehead or or anybody else getting anywhere near praising him the way they just did Rubio," surely you recall James Carville praising Ted Cruz two years ago on "ABC This Week" with Stephanopoulos. Speaking of Ted Cruz, Carville went far beyond the "praise" you claim Begala uniquely bestowed on Rubio:

May 5, 2013, "Carville Praises Cruz: "Most Talented And Fearless Republican Politician I've Seen In The Last 30 Years," Real Clear Politics, video and transcript

"GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Cruz had a lot of red meat for the crowd. They were laughing, they were really enjoying it. And this came amid some stories this week that he actually is taking a real look at the presidential race in 2016.

FMR. SEN. JIM DEMINT: I think he's keeping his focus on the Senate. The fact that he shows up in South Carolina was really just a favor to me and the Republican Party. But he is a great speaker.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That or the primary it makes no difference.

DEMINT: No people love Ted Cruz because he's taken on his own party, his own leadership, he's taken on the other party. He's trying to rock the boat to get us to stop moving towards this cliff we're heading for as a country. I've been in about 25 cities in the last few months. All you have to do is mention Ted Cruz and people get on their feet.

JAMES CARVILLE: I think he is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I've seen in the last 30 years. I further think that he's going to run for president and he is going to create something. I'm not sitting here saying he's going to win, and I think Senator DeMint is right. I've listened to excerpts of his speech in South Carolina, he touches every button. And this guy has no fear. He just keeps plowing ahead. And he is going to be something to watch.

And a lot of Republicans feel this way George. And you hear this a lot. If we only got someone who is articulate and was for what we were for, we'd win elections. We get this John McCain's and these Mitt Romney's and these squishy guys that can't do anything. Well there's one thing this guy's not, he ain't squishy. Not in the least. (This Week, May 5, 2013)"

Free Republic commenter notes "Limbaugh trying like hell" to sell Marco Rubio today (4/14/15):


To: ClearCase guy

Limbaugh is trying like hell to rehabilitate Rube (Rubio) today. Of course, Limbaugh’s lips have been glued to Rubio’s behind ever since Rubio burst onto the national scene.
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Free Republic comment about Rush selling Rubio appeared on page of following post;


"Rubio 2013: I can’t imagine a Republican president undoing an Obama executive order on amnesty"

Hot Air ^ | April 14, 2015 | Allahpundit

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