Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Hampshire has open primaries so Republicans don't have their own primary. Over half of New Hampshire's 2012 GOP primary voters weren't registered Republicans-Nat. Journal

3/26/15, "Poll: More New Hampshire Republican Primary Voters Are Pro-Choice than Pro-Life," National Journal, Scott Bland

"A key reason why the New Hampshire GOP electorate is so moderate is that less than 60 percent of it is actually made up of registered Republicans. New Hampshire has an open primary system, meaning someone doesn't have to be a member of a political party to vote in that party's primary. More than one-third of the respondents in Suffolk's poll are independents....

In 2012, exit polls estimated that more than half of GOP primary voters in New Hampshire weren't registered Republicans. So while New Hampshire primary voters might not all be members of the GOP, they don't have to be in order to help determine who wins the state's important early primary. After all, New Hampshire propelled both John McCain and Mitt Romney forward after losses in Iowa in the past two elections, and it could happen again in 2016."...

Comment: It didn't work for Scott Brown in 2014.


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