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Jewish Republican Coalition honored Carly Fiorina, a big fan of Jew-hater Jesse Jackson, Iran, and Islam, and who's being propped up by GOP Establishment to run as Vice President

3/31/15, "HUH?! Jewish Repubs Honor Iran-Enabling Jesse Jackson Fan; Jewish GOP: “We Don’t Oppose Obama Iran Deal”," By Debbie Schlussel
"Why is a Jewish Republican group hosting and honoring a big fan of Jesse Jackson and enabler of Iran? The group’s spokesman told me, today, that he doesn’t oppose a deal with Iran.

Jeremy Wynes, the Republican Jewish Coalition & Carly Fiorina Have No Problem w Jesse Jackson’s Jew-Hate, Enabling Iran; Don’t Oppose Obama’s Iran Deal.
As I write this, it is right before the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), which is supposed to be the Jewish outreach entity of the Republican Party, hosts Carly Fiorina, an enabler of Iran and a mega-fan of Jesse Jackson. And it’s not surprising because, as I’ve noted on this site, the RJC has a history of honoring, hosting, supporting, and FUNDRAISING for open anti-Semites, Israel-haters, and supporters of Islamic terrorism. As I previously told you on this website, while she ran HP, Fiorina deliberately went around the U.S. sanctions against Iran by using a foreign entity, Redington Gulf, to trade with the country. Under Fiorina’s woeful “leadership” of HP (she was fired for driving it into the ground), she made millions by selling HP products to Iran through Redington Gulf and refused to stop the arrangement. And Fiorina, in a video that has since been removed from YouTube (if you find it, please send the link), but was documented in the San Jose Mercury News, Fiorina praised Jew-hater Jesse Jackson as a great and wonderful man and put her arm around him as she gushed on and on about the racist’s “attributes.” Fiorina also gave several speeches at HP heaping the praise on Jackson.

And RJC’s Chicago chief, Jeremy Wynes, AIPAC’s former Midwest chief, just told me that neither he nor the RJC opposes Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. “We don’t oppose it. It depends what’s in it.” This is after his organization ran full-page ads decrying Obama’s deal in The New York Times during Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent visit here. A bunch o’ frauds. Wynes refused to answer my questions about why the RJC is hosting Fiorina, who traded with Iran in violation of the U.S. trade embargo and sanctions. Wynes also refused to answer my questions regarding why the RJC is hosting a woman who praised and palled around with Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson, who has a history of Jew-hatred and anti-White racism. “I’m not gonna answer that,” he responded. 

When I asked why not, he said, “Because I’m not gonna respond.” I said, “Why? Because you know there’s no legitimate answer? You honor this enabler with Iran after the RJC has made a big deal opposing Barack Obama’s Iran deal?” He responded, “No, we don’t. We don’t oppose it. It depends what’s in it. We don’t oppose it.” After refusing to answer my questions, Wynes hung up on me but not before telling me, “I know who you are” and indicating he’s afraid of me. Wuss. I’m sure Wynes also has no prob with Fiorina’s many glowing speeches about Islam (just days after the 9/11 attacks, she called the religion, “the greatest civilization in the world” in a particularly disgusting speech). Oh, and did I mention that Fiorina refused to attend a pro-Israel rally when she was running for the U.S. Senate in California

At 5:00 p.m. Chicago time, the RJC is hosting and honoring Fiorina in downtown Chicago at an event for $1,000 donors to the group. You can safely conclude that these donors are either complete morons or complete RINO-JINOs, just like Wynes–Republicans In Name Only/Jews In Name Only.

Carly Fiorina on Jew-Hater, Racist & Shakedown King, Jesse Jackson:

* In a 2000 speech: 

Fiorina praised Jackson’s “passion [and] his courageous message and his wonderful convictions.”

* In a 2003 speech

“In the past 40 years, there are very few people who have used their talent along lines of excellence to achieve more things for more people in more places than Reverend Jackson. And we are all better off for his leadership. . . . .

I hung up the phone and said, ‘Oh my God, I’ve just been praying with the Reverend Jackson.’”

* In a video from HP:
And I thought about something that the Reverend Jesse Jackson said to me several years ago. He very graciously came to the offices of Hewlett Packard to visit me, because we were doing some work together for his Rainbow Coalition. And he said to me, ‘You know, Carly, every game is better when everybody gets to play.’ And I thought it was such a great way of describing why everything is better when all people, regardless of color or nationality or gender, get to play. Sports are better. Business is better. Politics are better. The world is better when everybody gets to play in things that matter.
Oy Vey! If only Carly Fiorina did as much plastic surgery to her delusional, ugly crush on Jesse Jackson as she’s done to her ugly face.

But Jeremy Wynes, didn’t have an answer for me about any of this, about any of this open support for a Jew-Hater. Whatsa matter, Jeremy? Cat got your slithering, forked tongue (or just your testicles)?

The Company Carly Keeps . . .

I wish I could say I’m surprised that the RJC hosted Fiorina. But I’m not. I’ve told you in the past that the RJC hosted and honored open enemies of Israel and proud supporters of Islamic terrorism, including Tom Campbell (proud hater of Israel, hirer of anti-Semitic Muslim staffers, and supporter of convicted Islamic Jihad world chief Sami Al-Arian), Darrell Issa (proud Israel-hater, friend of Arafat and supporter of Hezbollah), Mike Cox (hung out and fundraised with HAMAS and Hezbollah groups; helped a worldwide ring of Muslim women defraud Medicaid and engage in American birth tourism), and Christopher Hitchens (who said Israel should be tried in the International Criminal Court for hate crimes). But nobody ever holds the RJC accountable for anything. In fact, Matt Brooks, the calorically-gifted Executive-Director-For-Life, is paid over $700,000 per year in salary and benefits, despite the fact that the Republican Jewish vote has gone down in nearly every election of the almost two decades he’s held the job, and he spends a good deal of his time on the poker tournament circuit and feeding his fat ass with shrimp. 

In 2004, when George W. Bush was running for re-election, Brooks personally accompanied Ed Koch to a Detroit event the RJC was hosting to convince Jews to vote for Bush against John Kerry. But Koch used the event to praise and promote Hillary Clinton for President in 2008 and then he attacked a questioner who asked about influential, anti-Israel Republican Muslim Grover Norquist’s tight relationship with the Bush White House. That questioner was me, and Koch refused to answer, then went into his diatribe endorsement of Hillary Cankles Clinton, after I asked him why he used this event to support Hillary Clinton in a Detroit radio interview. Brooks wasn’t embarrassed though. He has millions in the bank from this failed Jewish Republican gig.

As I’ve always said, Jews are the Jews’ own worst enemies. Now, I need to add to that:

The Republican Jewish Coalition is the Jews’ own worst enemy in American politics.

Carly Fiorina was a horrible CEO and drove HP into near bankruptcy. And she has no problem with Jew-hater Jesse Jackson or with flouting U.S. law and trading with and enabling nuclear Iran. But she’s good at one thing: convincing idiotic Jews to help her campaign to become Vice President.

She’s laughing at the Jews all the way to her next botox appointment.

But don’t worry. Matt Brooks and Jeremy Wynes will soon be cashing their next paychecks, which they made off of their latest bread-and-circuses show to Republican Jews....

Contact Jeremy Wynes and give him a piece of your mind:
Jeremy Wynes e-mail address:
Jeremy Wynes cell phone number: 312-498-2816

By the way, the GOP is touting Fiorina as their pitbull against Hillary Clinton because–and only her OB/Gyn knows this for sure–she is a woman. But they are fools if they think that’ll work. Carly Fiorina is a liberal on every single issue, and on those she now pretends to be “conservative,” she’s a liar and a phony. There is NOTHING Republican about this used up chick.

Hillary Clinton will eat her for breakfast, just like the California Democrats ate her for lunch when she ran for the U.S. Senate and was trounced.

In case you forgot, Jesse Jackson’s said a lot more than just the Hymietown comment about Jews. Here’s a refresher on Carly Fiorina’s boyfriend, as I’ve noted before in this refresher course of Jesse Jackson actions and quotes:
* He said he spit into White customers’ food when he worked as a waiter because, “[It] gave me a psychological gratification.”
* “You can’t trust the Jews. I never have trusted those people.”
* He claimed Nixon’s policies were harsh on the poor because, of Nixon’s top aides, “four out of five of them are German Jews.” Someone forgot to tell him that Erlichman and Haldeman were not “Hymies.”
* In working up a Black church about the Jews, he claimed Jews conspired to keep the Black man down (shown on PBS’ McNeil-Lehrer Report).
* Jews are “not willing to share power.”
* He told an Ohio County Commissioner, “You Jews are much too sensitive.”
* He said the Democratic Party was “perverted by a reaction . . . to the Jewish element within the party,” and that the relationship between Jews and Democrats was “a kind of glorified form of bribery. Financial bankrolling and moral bankruptcy.”
* He claimed labor unions were insensitive to Blacks because “Jews dominate the leadership at the top.”
* “I’m sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust.”
* “I have seen very few Jewish reporters who are objective about Arab affairs.” Unfortunately, Jackson is right about this. Most Jewish reporters bend over backwards to portray the Arabist position positively and the Israeli position negatively.
* When discussing his media critics, he said they were few in number (unfortunately, true) and “all Jewish.” (Not true).
So, Jeremy and RJC, still nothing to say?"


Commenter suggests Sheldon Adelson is part of this picture, Debbie Schlussel responds, agrees:


"Ralph Adamo on March 31, 2015 at 7:35 pm

I could be overstating things, but I think that one guy is to blame for all this: Sheldon Adelson. Normally, I’d be rooting for Adelson, but he doesn’t seem to spend his money wisely in the political arena. And in this current case, you can see just how poor his political judgment is. 

Though I don’t doubt that Fiorina has enough loot in her pocketbook to grease the RJC, I think that the serious money funding RJC’s operations–and its decisions–has got to be coming from Adelson, who spends much more money on political activities than Fiorina does. It’s not a coincidence that when the RJC meets in Las Vegas, they meet at the Venetian–one of Adelson’s prime properties there. 

And certainly, at a minimum, he’s got the pull to pull the plug on Fiorina’s appearance at the RJC if he wanted to.

So “Shame on Sheldon,” should be part of this story. You can be fairly sure that he is giving his blessing for Fiorina to run, and may even be directly sponsoring her. And Adelson is no fool, and has got to know where she stands. However, Adelson could be naive in thinking that Fiorina is some kind of “answer” to Clinton’s candidacy. If that is the case, than maybe Adelson is a complete fool when it comes to politics after all. And he might as well be supporting Jeb Bush too and his buddy James Baker, former President George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of State–you know, the guy who said “F-ck the Jews!”

RA: You are exactly right, and I was going to mention Sheldon Adelson. He is the largest financier of the RJC and was going to pull his money or fire Matt Brooks when Brooks honored anti-Israel Tom Campbell, Darell Issa, and Christopher Hitchens. But he didn’t. Instead, he continues to fund this. So, you are right. HE IS AT FAULT. DS"


Commenter agrees GOP E is trying to prop up Fiorina as a pit bull:


"Skunky on March 31, 2015 at 9:55 pm

The GOP is NO FRIEND to true Conservatives. DS is spot on when she wrote about how the RINOS are trying to prop up this Libtarded phony as a GOP pitbull. I roll my eyes & blanch when I hear her soundbites. Carly Fiorina is just like women who try to be cops and soldiers fighting on the front line…failures and jokes."...

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