Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Southeast Florida citizens educating their towns and counties about so-called ‘Seven/50′ regional plan and seeing results!-Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

11/8/13, "Exciting news from Florida: Seven/50 Plan rejected by two counties, Rosa Koire, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

Seven/50 is the regional plan for Southeast Florida. Running from the Florida Keys north up the east coast, it encompasses 7 counties and is the regional plan document for fifty years–that’s why it’s called Seven/50. Although the planners, consultants, and staff of these counties said that the plan has nothing to do with UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, that is not true.”….


6/10/2011, Rosa Koire speaks at East Bay California Tea Party group about UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development

(:30 musical intro) I watched this video of Rosa's talk awhile ago. She's very knowledgeable about UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. It's a human issue. Rosa is a democrat. She's been asked to speak to numerous Tea Party groups.


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