Sunday, November 17, 2013

Republican establishment candidate beaten in Louisiana 5th congressional district by non-establishment Republican

A Republican replaced a Republican in Louisiana’s 5th congressional district for the US House of Representatives but the establishment as usual botched it:

11/17/13, “What lessons to take from Vance-A-Lanche on Saturday,, MacAoidh

In the aftermath of the 60-40 blowout win for the Republican businessman and first-time political candidate Vance McAllister over state senator Neal Riser on Saturday, there is bound to be a great deal of analysis as to exactly what happened to turn a race most of the state’s pundits thought would go Riser’s way into a massive landslide for the upstart….You can bet the state’s democrats will seize on McAllister’s victory and his position on Medicaid as a huge victory and a repudiation of Jindal.”


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