Saturday, March 30, 2013

US wages drop 1.1% in Feb. 2013, a loss of $590 to median salary, wages decrease total of 6% since Obama 'recovery'-NY Times. (Bonus, BBC headline desperate to help Obama)

On a $51,404 income this meant a loss of $590 in Feb. 2013. 

3/29/13, "NYT: Median Annual Income Falls 1.1% in February," John Nolte, Breitbart

"As the Federal Reserve pumpity-pump-pump-pumps so the rich can get richer in the very stock market in which Democrats and the media ensured you and I wouldn't be allowed to invest our Social Security, according to a study by Sentier Research, out here in the real world, wages took a major dive of 1.1% in just a single month. 

According to the New York Times (who hid the bad news in a headline that reads, "Median Household Income Down 7.3% Since Start of Recession"), this is the first time in over a year a one-month drop in median annual income was statistically significant. Moreover, since the beginning of Obama's "recovery," median income has dropped a full six-percent.

Those of you who only get your news from the mainstream media might not know that during a real recovery wages are supposed to increase, not decrease.
Median annual household income in February 2013 was $51,404, about 1.1 percent (or $590) lower than the January 2013 level of $51,994. The numbers are all pretax, and are adjusted for both inflation and seasonal changes. …

While inflation is still quite low, income growth has been so weak that even very little inflation is enough to wipe out whatever gains households are seeing in their paychecks. 
The longer-run trends are even more depressing.

Yes, "so depressing" that The New York Times hides the news in a headline that obscures the news.  

Yesterday we learned that during the last quarter of last year our economy grew by only .04%.  

Jobless claims rose Friday.

Out here in the real world, people are hurting. There are hardly any jobs, no growth, incomes are going backwards, and just driving by a gas station sign puts a dark cloud over your head.

The media, though, ignore all of this. Because Obama demands it, the media are instead on a permanent gays/guns/immigration culture war rotation.

Meanwhile, people suffer in this economy in part because Obama is feeling zero media or political pressure to fix it."
BBC hides news behind deceptive headlines too:
"US Growth is Faster than Expected," BBC headline on Firefox headlines is how BBC describes 3/28/13 news of higher jobless numbers and revised .4 GDP in Q4 2012 from .1 They've kept this headline up for almost 2 days. (It's now 2:32AM ET, Sat. Mar. 30). When you click through to the story the headline is slightly more realistic but still misleading and not helpful. Not until sentence #6 in the story do they tell you this "growth" "has not changed the picture of the economy."  In 2 days BBC still hasn't put up a headline about US jobs numbers that came out Thursday morning along with the revised GDP number. In fact, they lie about the job numbers in the GDP story. They place the lie in the last sentence of the article just like a third grader would: "Although US joblessness has fallen, the Fed said it wanted to see signs of a long-term trend of falling unemployment." Obviously, the economy is never "coming back" because the US private sector has been killed off or 'fundamentally transformed' to serve a smirking, massive federal bureaucracy. But the first headline--the deliberately misleading and therefore lying headline---is all many people will see. Here's the story you get when you click on the happy headline above:
"The US economy grew at a faster than expected 0.4% in the fourth quarter of 2012, the Department of Commerce has said.

The annualised figure was better than an earlier estimate of 0.1% growth, reflecting increased investments in plant and equipment.

However, despite the upwards revision, the department warned that the economy remained "sluggish".

The latest figures were a marked slowdown from the previous quarter.

An acute fall in defence spending and government expenditures hurt economic output, said the department. 

"While non-residential fixed investment is higher than previously estimated, the revision to GDP [gross domestic product] has not changed the general picture of the economy," said a statement."...


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