Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oops...Karl Rove quit his job with George Bush before his term was up, explains Plame case exhausted his finances, worried about his family. Rove forgot this when he attacked Palin

2010, "Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight," Karl Rove, Amazon [Bargain Price]

Rove speaks "of his painful three years fending off an indictment by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald."...


3/20/13, "Read Your Book, Mr. Rove," Conservatives for Palin, Michelle McCormick

Exhibit A:

"With Gillespie in place, I could leave with confidence that an experienced hand would be on board to handle anything that came up (pg 493-4).

The Plame investigation had exhausted more than my physical reserves. It had also burned through a significant portion of my family’s finances. I’d made sure that no one really knew just how big of a bite my legal tab had taken out of my savings, but I had juggled as long as I could without putting my family’s financial security at risk. More important than money, however, was the toll that my life had taken on my wife and son. I could see more clearly how the press attention, the protesters surrounding our house, the ugly anonymous letters and snarky Internet postings had weighed on them, evening if I’d been able to block most of it out (pg 494).

I felt angry that financial circumstances were forcing me to leave, but I felt grateful the president supported my complicated decision (pg 495)."...via Mark Levin twitter, via Conservatives4Palin

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