Sunday, March 17, 2013

Upstart UKIP continues to gain in polls over elite Tories in UK

3/16/13, "Ukip steals a march on Tories," UK Telegraph, Hennessy and Watts

"David Cameron is given a warning of the threat posed by the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party as he enters a critical phase in the life of his government."

"It is the support for Ukip’s policy positions among Right-of-centre voters that will most alarm 10 Downing St however. A group identified as Conservative-Ukip “switchers” supports Mr Farage’s party’s position over that taken by the Tories

on immigration by 62 per cent to 34 per cent, 
on state spending by 64 per cent to 28 and 
on same-sex marriage by 51 per cent to 39. 

On leadership, among all voters the Prime Minister is seen as a better party leader than Mr Farage by 33 per cent to 29 per cent but the Ukip leader is the favourite — by 37 per cent to 32 per cent — among the Conservative-Ukip “switchers”." via Free Republic


3/1/13, "Ukip leader Nigel Farage: Eastleigh by-election result is 'sign of things to come'," UK Telegraph, James Kirkup


3/1/13, "Eastleigh by-election: Margaret Thatcher, not Barack Obama, must be David Cameron’s role model for 2015," UK Telegraph, Nile Gardiner


Ed. note: This sounds something like the Tea Party vs the GOP in the US.


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