Friday, March 29, 2013

Mona Charen lives in Fantasyland, appears unaware the establishment right has merged with establishment left

3/29/13, "Why We Are Losing Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage," Mona Charen,

Ms. Charen, who is "we"? You pretend there are two sides, "we and them." There aren't two sides. The establishment GOP is on the same side as the democrats. The proof is right in front of you. Ted Olson is a big, Beltway so-called "conservative." He chose to make passage of gay marriage the central purpose of his life. The case is at the Supreme Court now largely because of his advocacy. Olson and David Boies are the co-leads pleading the case to the Justices. Olson, "a rock star" at the center of the GOP establishment, had his pick of ways to help our country. He looked at all the problems our country has and decided the country needed gay marriage. Olson instantly became the equivalent of Elvis and no doubt has made millions for choosing this path. So is Ted Olson part of your "we" and will you continue writing fantasy articles?

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