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Violence against us is now routine because media doesn't object. Vote fraud is now acceptable, US pres. encourages it--and media doesn't object. Instead of protecting citizens from all powerful government, US national media tragically sees itself as part of government. US taxpayers don't have a single institution to protect them-John Nolte, DailyWire (The Soviet Union has risen again in the US)


Above 4 images, June 2, 2016, San Jose Trump rally attendee sucker punched in the head and neck; man in yellow shirt hit from behind by man hurling an object, now has blood streaming down his face. Man did nothing, was simply walking down the street.


Above, June 2, 2016, San Jose, Calif.: Walking quietly and alone to his car after the Trump rally, another man is violently sucker punched to the head

11/7/16, "How the Political Media's Corruption Destroyed America's Most Crucial Institutions," John Nolte, 

"Tragically, our national media now sees itself as part of the government, and as a consequence, the media's mission to hold institutions accountable has been dropped entirely in favor of relentless agenda-pushing.

Even more insidious is the coordination. Across a vast landscape that includes, but is not limited to ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCPBSNPRPoliticoWashingtonPostLosAngelesTimesESPNUnivisionNewYorkTimesBostonGlobe, all the same stories are covered in the same way (if you disagree, watch the ABCCNNCBSNBC Sunday shows): central government is not suspect, it is good; Democrats are virtuous, multiculturalism trumps e pluribus unum, and anyone who disagrees is backwards, selfish, and racist.

The elite media has accomplished this through its own professional blacklist. If you are a journalist who does not subscribe to this, you are Out, and even that is not enough. As a capital "J" journalist or pundit (this includes most every so-called conservative employed in the elite media), you must prove yourself by using the approved language ("undocumented immigrant") and the approved approach towards those who do not hold the approved opinions (Christianity=bigotry, border security=racism, refusal to violate your religious conscience=hate).

Moreover, not covered by this fiercely-policed clique are stories that contradict the media's over-arching agenda. And by "covered" I do not mean rote coverage. One of the most dishonest tactics the media engages in is pushing back against critics by pointing to page 11 or a 30-second cable news segment from last Tuesday. This, when we all know that the only thing that matters is what the media focuses on -- The Narrative. 

And here is the consequence of all this…

Americans have lost faith in something as seemingly inconsequential as a museum, because, strictly for partisan purposes, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was snubbed by the Smithsonian. The taxpayer-funded museum of our country's history has been politically weaponized. How is this possible? 

Because the Smithsonian knows the media will let them get away with it. 

Imagine how much better everything would be if taxpayer-funded institutions were held to the same media standard as, say, Fox News or the NRA.  

Americans have lost faith in, well, everything because violence against us is now routine. How is this possible? Because Democrats know the media will let them get away with it.

Imagine how much better everything would be if political violence was toxified in the same way as mere words coming from everyday Trump supporters.

We've lost faith in democracy itself because vote fraud is now acceptable. Our own president openly encourages it. How is this possible? Because Democrats [and the Republican Establishment] know the media will let them get away with it.

Imagine how much better democracy would be if every accusation of vote fraud was treated like every accusation of racism.

The IRS persecutes us. How is this possible? Because at first the media says it is a good thing and then they allow Obama to say it never happened, when it is still happening.

Imagine how much better our government would be if the media treated this behavior as the McCarthyism we all know it is.

We lost faith in the entire federal government when we lost our insurance. How is this possible? Because although the Affordable Care Act clearly outlawed most existing insurance plans, the media (especially the so-called fact-checkers) joined in the "keep your insurance" lie to ensure their precious Obama got a win and their precious central government assumed more control over us rubes. 

And then there are Obama's extra-legal executive actions...

Imagine if Obama was held to the same level of accountability as George W. Bush.

We've lost faith in the rule of law because, although she set up an illegal server in her bathroom to  avoid Freedom of Information Act requests, exposed national security secrets to hackers and to an Internet pervert, and repeatedly lied about it, Hillary Clinton was not indicted. How is this possible? Because the FBI and Department of Justice know the national [media] will cover for them.

Because the national political media hates us so, American institutions--our own government--are now allowed, with total impunity, to lie to us, to cheat us, to commit vilence against us, to disenfranchise and replace us. In other words, these institutions are now completely broken.

Teen Trump supporter chased by mob
And if we don't sit here and take it, the political media's cultural supremacists dehumanize us, target us, scream "Witch!" at us -- and not only at powerful conservatives and Republicans, but at everyday Americans just minding their own business.

It is not paranoia when they are really out to get you."

Teen Trump supporter thrown to ground


6/8/16, "Trump supporters were 'running for their lives' after San Jose rally, police report says," San Jose Mercury News, Mark Gomez

6/2/16, San Jose, Ca.

The plainclothes officers said they did not intervene for fear their own safety would be jeopardized as the estimated 400 protesters developed a "mob mentality."

The officers' observations were included in the arrest report of Antonio Moses Fernandez, 19, of San Jose, who is accused of throwing a metal barrier into a police skirmish line following the Trump rally June 2 outside the San Jose Convention Center. Fernandez made his first court appearance Tuesday and was charged with felony assault on a peace officer with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer, according to court documents."...






Another San Jose sucker punch to the head: man in yellow shirt hit in neck and head from behind by man hurling an object. Man in yellow shirt seen with blood streaming down his face, 10 frames.



Above are screen shots from video of just two of many violent sucker punch assaults to the head and neck of peaceful Trump supporters merely walking after 6/2/16 Trump rally.

Source: June 6, 2016, "California Nightmarin'," You Tube, Trump for President. Sample of 7 sucker punches thrown in California at Trump supporters. The hits were from behind to the head and/or neck. (start at :52 on video). An 8th, simply chased, tackled, and thrown to the ground.  

"It's who we are." 
Added: Minimum wage in Mexico is 53 cents per hour, $4.25 per day. "Powerful forces...have reduced working-class wages around the globe." Newsweek...  


June 3, 2016, "Anti-Trump Mob Hunts Trump Fans Like ‘Prey,’ Assaults Police," Breitbart,  Joel B. Pollak

"More reports of assaults and mob violence by anti-Trump protesters [terrorists, rioters] on Thursday evening continue to emerge from San Jose, where groups of men attacked Trump supporters emerging from a rally, even pursuing them to their cars in the parking lot.

CBS San Francisco reports that a police officer was assaulted during the violence before law enforcement regained control.

There were also numerous reports that police initially refrained from stopping violence against Trump supporters. From KPIX:

"Protesters [they're not protesters, they're terrorists] followed Trump supporters to their cars as they left the convention center. Around the corner and away from police protection on San Carlos Street, a mob mentality took over. A young man wearing a “Build The Wall” T-shirt was assaulted by several young men. Fearing for the man’s safety, KPIX reporter Len Ramirez yelled at him to get away. For several minutes, there was no police presence and protesters thumped Trump supporters’ cars in the parking garage as they tried to leave…Another young man was chased down like prey. He ran until finding some police officers who stopped his attackers."

Others corroborated that report, with footage from a parking garage nearby....

Breitbart News was present when the mob began to become unruly before Trump’s speech, shouting obscenities and destroying an American flag.
Later, anti-Trump protesters [not accurate: they're criminals and terrorists] beat and sucker-punched Trump supporters leaving the rally.
One woman was pelted with eggs and other objects in full view of the media."...
Added: Article below frames events passively in its headline and opening sentence. No one threw punches-they were "thrown" out of nowhere. No one committed violence-violence just "erupted." Later in the article, certain people didn't assemble for the purpose of rioting. Instead, "the crowds grew.
6/2/16, "Police Officer Assaulted, Punches Thrown After San Jose Trump Rally,", San Jose (CBS SF)
"Violence erupted. Even police had to retreat....
Andrew Acevedo, of Redwood City, said he was assaulted several times while getting stuck inside the anti-Trump protest rally.
As police tried to restore order protesters [you mean terrorists] forced a police pickup to retreat.
Police lines formed again, but the crowds only grew."...


""I've never seen anything like that in America before," Tong said."

Added: 6/3/16, "Protesters Punch, Throw Eggs at Trump Supporters in Calif.,", Kristofer Noceda and Riya Bhattachjee

"Donald Trump supporters leaving the presumptive GOP nominee's rally in San Jose on Thursday were pounced by protesters, some of whom threw punches and eggs.

The protesters chased and taunted Trump's supporters outside the San Jose Convention Center. They surrounded one woman and threw eggs and bottles at her. 

"It was unbelievable," said Steve Tong, a Cupertino resident who attended the Trump rally.

Tong said after the rally, he was walking toward a nearby parking structure and saw protesters surrounding and taunting an elderly couple.

"I've never seen anything like that in America before,"
Tong said. 

Tong also said he saw protesters smash car windows inside the parking structure."...


San Jose Mayor has created a "no-go" city. Of course he blames a single visit by Trump:

"The mayor, a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, criticized Trump for coming to cities and igniting problems that local police departments had to deal with.

"At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign," (Mayor) Liccardo said."...


Comment: Trump's campaign did nothing wrong in San Jose. The San Jose "mayor" can lie and incite hatred and violence all he wants because the entire US political class is on his side. Eliminating the US southern border eliminates the US. "A nation without borders is not a nation."
From San Jose Mercury News comment section, via Free Republic commenter, 6/4/16:

"From Trump event attendee Karen Powers...

"As a Trump supporter, I was there, in San Jose, attending the Trump event on June 2.

The Trump event attendees were forced to walk past the protesters afterward, after the event was over, to get to their cars. Broad areas of sidewalks and streets, that were not blockaded before the event started, were blockaded by barriers after the event ended, and standing in front of those barriers were lines of individual police officers telling Trump event attendees what route to follow to get to their vehicles.

I had parked in a parking garage right next door to the event. Before the event, an easy walk to the event, after event over, had to square 4 blocks of sidewalk lined with protesters who somehow knew the exact route that Trump supporters/attendees had to walk, and were waiting for them.
Frankly, it was pretty obvious that either law enforcement personnel or the mayors office, someone in the know, had told the protesters where the Trump supporters would be forced to walk after the event. Attendees only went where law enforcement officers told them to go in order to get to our cars. We followed their instructions. The protesters knew, seemed well informed, of the direction where Trump supporters were going to be heading even before we exited the event, and protesters lined that walking route as a result, literally laying in wait where no law enforcement was present.

There was an intent to force the supporters and protesters together. There was no intent to keep them apart.

Trump supporters exiting the event were literally set up like rats in a maze, forced to follow a prescribed set of boundaries, which led directly to the protesters and not away from them.

The press got their story but the clash was completely avoidable. It was created by intention and by design."
14 posted on 6/5/2016, 12:12:46 AM by Atlantan"
6/10/16, "I’m voting for Donald Trump, so I went to see him speak. Protesters broke my nose." Washington Post, Juan Hernandez, Santa Clara, Calif.

Blood on shirt and hat
"Last Thursday, I left work about 5 p.m. and drove to the San Jose Convention Center to hear Donald Trump speak. 
I’ve been voting for conservative candidates for 15 years and a registered Republican since 2015. Now that the general election is underway, I believe Trump is the best candidate to fix our country’s many problems, and I believe he’s going to be the next commander in chief. So I was excited to hear him, and to show my support. Walking into the rally with a friend, I was a little wary: Trump’s speech to the California Republican convention in Burlingame had been disrupted by protesters, and I wasn’t sure whether to expect a similar scene in San Jose. But we got to the event early, and we must have been inside already by the time a crowd of protesters gathered in the streets near the convention center.

The speech really got me energized. I got a new sense of appreciation and respect for Trump after a Bernie Sanders supporter interrupted him with a sign. Trump didn’t blink: “Darling, there’s no way he can win, but keep your sign high,” he said. That is the president that I want. It was great being around so many Republicans — in the Bay Area, we don’t have a lot of that, so it was great to feel the camaraderie of being part of the GOP.

My trouble began once the rally was over.

My friend and I joined a crowd of Trump supporters who had all left the convention center around the same time. The garage where we had parked our car was right next to the building, but police were directing everyone around the block to another garage entrance instead. The farther we walked, the fewer Trump fans were with us — people began peeling off to go to restaurants or bars in the area, or to other garages nearby.

And suddenly, there were protesters everywhere. Some were holding Mexican flags, or burning American ones. They were yelling “F— Trump!” at us and cornering us. Some of them started grabbing Trump supporters — they were going up and slugging people, sucker-punching people, just picking random people out. As much as we wanted to help, because our fellow Republicans were getting hit, I knew any moment that could be me. So my friend and I just kept walking — sometimes, we’d be running. We saw police standing nearby, but they didn’t do anything. That scared me, because I thought, “Okay, if I’m next, there’s going to be no cops.” 

About a block from the garage entrance, we turned down the street and found a line of protesters standing in our way. To get back to our car, we'd have to go through them. My friend and I were wearing “Make America Great Again” Trump hats. We were targets, and I was terrified. I could feel it coming — they would look at me and start walking up to me.
Before we could make it into the garage, four or five men surrounded me, and another four surrounded my friend. They just started swinging. We swung back as best as we could. My main thing was I didn’t want to fall; I didn’t want to be knocked down.

I’m not a big guy, but I can defend myself as best I can if it’s one on one — but not when they have so much anger against us.
One of the blows caught my nose, and blood just started pouring out. That kind of stunned them, and they backed off a quick second. My adrenaline kicked in; I felt punches on my head, and I felt the punch that hit my nose, but I was in survival mode by then, and I didn’t realize until later how much it hurt. I called my friend, “Okay, let’s go!”

We ran into the parking garage, and we thought we were safe, but there were another few dozen protesters there, too. We got in our car and headed toward the exit. Some protesters jumped on the cars in front of us, but we eventually made it out. My friend drove me to the emergency room because my nose was pouring blood. I had a broken nose, and because I was covered with scratches, I had to get a tetanus shot, too. It took a lot out of me, much more than I realized at first; my headaches and soreness didn’t start to go away until a week later.

After nose broken
I still can’t believe how poorly the police handled the protests. I live by Levi’s Stadium, where the Super Bowl was. They had every single cop out there. Yet knowing the violence that’s been breaking out near Trump rallies, San Jose wasn’t prepared for it last week? So the Los Angeles chapter of Log Cabin Republicans held a news conference back in San Jose on Wednesday, to get some answers from the city’s mayor, Sam Liccardo, and its police department about why they let me and other people get attacked and only made a few arrests.

The whole thing made me angry. Here in Northern California, I feel like I’m a unicorn: I’m a gay Hispanic who’s a Republican. It was much harder to come out as a Trump supporter than it was to come out as gay— the minute you say you’re for Trump, everyone comes at you — but this has pushed me out of the closet about it completely.

I should be able to vote for whom I want, and I shouldn’t have to deal with violence to go hear my candidate speak. If people really want to protest at rallies, they should do it peacefully. I have a young niece and nephew, and I don’t want them to think this is how politics work in the United States. We can’t let our freedom of speech and our freedom of assembly be tarnished by politicians like those in San Jose who do not have our safety at heart."

Image captions: 

"Juan Hernandez’s blood on his shirt and his friend’s hat after Hernandez was assaulted outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, Calif. (Courtesy of Juan Hernandez)"

"Juan Hernandez shortly after his nose was broken outside a Trump rally in San Jose, Calif. (Courtesy of Juan Hernandez)"   


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