Saturday, November 5, 2016

Caught on Fox News audio and video: NeverTrump Brit Hume panics as his North Carolina guest mentions that NeverTrump candidate Evan McMullin isn't on North Carolina ballot. Outraged and wanting to silence the guest, but unaware camera was rolling, Hume gestures and tells his staff 'Wrap, Wrap' while the guest is still talking-Nov. 4, 2016


11/4/16, Hume's on camera guest, a North Carolina broadcaster, is theoretically there to provide a service to the audience, ie to relate his on-the-ground knowledge of a key "swing state" 4 days before final election day. The clip begins with the guest speaking about North Carolina ballot access as it pertains to independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin.

Evan McMullin is a textbook Establishment Republican, Goldman Sachs alum, running as a NeverTrump Republican. After leaving CIA employment in 2011, "McMullin transitioned to the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs." Fascinating how some people "transition" from the CIA to Goldman Sachs, then to the Beltway: "In 2013, McMullin joined the House Committee on Foreign Affairs as a senior advisor and later became the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference." McMullin's home state is Utah and he's a Mormon. 

North Carolina has early voting, many in the state have already voted, but many haven't. It's also one of very few states that could decide the election. What's so wrong with letting Americans be informed about the North Carolina ballot and that a NeverTrump Republican failed to qualify for it? 

North Carolina tv broadcaster (first name Bob) begins speaking: 

"You can write in Evan McMullin the independent, they won't then count it. They'll throw it in a stack called "others," it will never be attached to his name. People are beginning to learn this, and I think there are some people who are like well, I just don't like either, I'm not going to vote"...

At this moment 12 seconds in, Brit Hume is seen gesturing and angrily whispering to his staff, "Wrap him, wrap him."

The guest may or may not be aware of what Hume is doing, but he continues talking as Hume does his "Wrap him" routine:

(North Carolina guest, continuing): "...for either one, it's going to be interesting to see who benefits from them. I would say in the long run it's going to be Donald Trump. The Governor's race very quickly, you were asking about that. That one could be even closer than the presidential race. [Hume is heard saying "Oh, my goodness"] I think McCrory's [North Carolina Republican Governor running for re-election] made a late surge lately with his work on the flooding as well as finally touting the economic record he's had here over the last four years which has been strong. I think he may pull it out as well. And, by the way, that's the one Democrats really want, if you ask them in their heart of hearts, it's not Hillary Clinton. If they really had to pick one, they want the Governor's seat."

Hume: "All right, Bob, thanks very much. Today a jury..."

11/4/16, "Fox News- Brit Hume "Wrap Him" "Wrap Him""

Commenter on You Tube page notes: Evidence, if  ever needed, proving Trump is right about the media: 


"SpringIsBACK2 hours ago 

WOWWWW!!!! If there was ever simple evidence needed to show that Trump is right about the media and our rigged system, here it is, to whack unbelievers "right up side of the head"!



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