Friday, November 4, 2016

Amish PAC for Trump focuses on Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Millersburg, Ohio


"The purpose of Amish PAC's Plain Voter Project is to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 by turning out a deeply conservative and often forgotten block of voters concentrated in two key swing states - the Amish.
Amish PAC has no use for internet and television advertising because the voters we're targeting don't use the internet or watch television. Therefore, Amish PAC's ad blitz is two-pronged: Newspapers and Billboards. In addition, Amish PAC is building a large network of volunteers across Amish Country to assist in voter registration and flyer distribution.

For more information or to volunteer:

Added: "Amish PAC are looking for people who can help drive Amish residents to the voting booths for this election.  There is a volunteer sign-up if you are available to assist. 


11/3/16, "Action Alert Pennsylvania – Drivers Needed To Assist Amish Voters," cth, sundance 

Above, 10/1/16, Amish in line for Trump rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania, AP photo via UK Daily Mail

Above photo from The Conservative Treehouse, date and location not stated.


Comment: Much of the 1985 movie "Witness," with Harrison Ford (as a city cop) and Kelly McGillis (as an Amish woman) was filmed in Pennsylvania Amish farm country and portrays Amish farm life. It was 30 years ago so some things have likely changed. A scene in the movie showed Amish being viewed as a tourist attraction and being ridiculed. In 2016 they're probably still a tourist attraction. I understood that some Amish weren't happy about being the subject of a Hollywood movie and didn't agree with all the movie's characterizations. I loved the movie. The outdoor scenes were beautiful, the indoor scenes allowed viewers to see everyday life lived simply. The cast was perfect. "Witness" provides a general idea about Amish life and community at least up to 1985. 

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