Tuesday, November 8, 2016

$3 million awarded to UVA Dean defamed by Rolling Stone Magazine, Wenner Media, and reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely. Erdely guilty of 6 counts of malice, 4 of which were statements she made to media outlets-AP

11/7/16, "University of Virginia Dean Awarded $3M in Rolling Stone Case," AP via Hollywood Reporter

"A jury concluded the administrator was defamed by a now-discredited Rolling Stone magazine article."

"Jurors on Monday awarded a University of Virginia administrator $3 million for her portrayal in a now-discredited Rolling Stone magazine article about the school's handling of an alleged gang rape at a fraternity house.

The 10-member jury's decision came after they concluded Friday that the magazine, its publisher and reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely were responsible for defamation, with actual malice, of former associate dean of students Nicole Eramo in the 2014 story "A Rape on Campus."... 

Because the judge determined that Eramo was a public figure, she had to prove Rolling Stone made statements with "actual malice," meaning it knew that what it was writing about her was false or entertained serious doubts about whether it might be true.

Jurors found that the magazine and its publisher, Wenner Media, acted with actual malice because they republished the article on Dec. 5 with an editor's note after they knew about the problems with Jackie's story. 

The jury also found that Erdely acted with actual malice on six claims: two statements in the article and four statements to media outlets after the story was published.

Jurors awarded $2 million to Eramo for statements made by Erdely and $1 million for the republication of the article by Rolling Stone and Wenner Media. Rolling Stone could appeal the verdict."...


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