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Trump supporter runs for his life as he's chased by violent mob, then tackled and thrown to the ground in San Jose, California-Breitbart (Police reportedly 'in retreat,' completing the multi-trillion dollar open borders utopia. At this rate, Trump will win in a landslide)



Above, 6/2/16, San Jose, Calif., a single, defenseless, young Trump supporter runs for his life as he's chased by members of the multi-trillion dollar open borders mob. AP photo by Noah Berger

Above two images via Gateway Pundit: "A poster on Twitter who identifies as a Black Muslim man claims to have been the person seen on news video chasing and tackling a young white male Trump supporter following a Trump rally in San Jose Thursday. Using the Twitter handle “Houdini @sizzle_seyf”, the man posted the news video and retweeted congratulations on his chasing and tackling the Trump supporter. Here are the still images of anti-Trump Muslim “Houdini” chasing and tacking a Trump supporter leaving the rally in San Jose, California....Houdini posted ABC News video of the chase and tackle. In the video, Houdini can be seen running sown and tackling a young white man wearing a red shirt. He then retweeted congratulations."...


June 3, 2016, "Anti-Trump Mob Hunts Trump Fans Like ‘Prey,’ Assaults Police," Breitbart,  Joel B. Pollak

"More reports of assaults and mob violence by anti-Trump protesters [terrorists, rioters] on Thursday evening continue to emerge from San Jose, where groups of men attacked Trump supporters emerging from a rally, even pursuing them to their cars in the parking lot.

CBS San Francisco reports that a police officer was assaulted during the violence before law enforcement regained control.

There were also numerous reports that police initially refrained from stopping violence against Trump supporters. From KPIX:

Protesters followed Trump supporters to their cars as they left the convention center. Around the corner and away from police protection on San Carlos Street, a mob mentality took over.
A young man wearing a “Build The Wall” T-shirt was assaulted by several young men. Fearing for the man’s safety, KPIX reporter Len Ramirez yelled at him to get away.
For several minutes, there was no police presence and protesters thumped Trump supporters’ cars in the parking garage as they tried to leave …
Another young man was chased down like prey. He ran until finding some police officers who stopped his attackers.
Others corroborated that report, with footage from a parking garage nearby....

Breitbart News was present when the mob began to become unruly before Trump’s speech, shouting obscenities and destroying an American flag.

Later, anti-Trump protesters [please. criminals, terrorists] beat and sucker-punched Trump supporters leaving the rally.

One woman was pelted with eggs and other objects in full view of the media."...


Added: Note passive phraseology in headline and first sentence, as if "punches" and "violence" were of unknown origin :

6/2/16, "Police Officer Assaulted, Punches Thrown After San Jose Trump Rally,", San Jose (CBS SF)

"Violence erupted. Even police had to retreat....

Andrew Acevedo, of Redwood City, said he was assaulted several times while getting stuck inside the anti-Trump protest rally.

As police tried to restore order protesters [you mean terrorists] forced a police pickup to retreat.

Police lines formed again, but the crowds only grew."...


Added: 6/3/16, "Protesters Punch, Throw Eggs at Trump Supporters in Calif.,", Kristofer Noceda and Riya Bhattachjee

"Donald Trump supporters leaving the presumptive GOP nominee's rally in San Jose on Thursday were pounced by protesters, some of whom threw punches and eggs.

"It was unbelievable," said Steve Tong, a Cupertino resident who attended the Trump rally.

Tong said after the rally, he was walking toward a nearby parking structure and saw protesters surrounding and taunting an elderly couple.

"I've never seen anything like that in America before," Tong said.

Tong also said he saw protesters smash car windows inside the parking structure."...


San Jose Mayor has created a "no-go" city. Of course he blames Trump:


Comment: What did Trump's campaign do "irresponsibly" in San Jose? The San Jose "mayor" can lie and incite hatred and violence all he wants because Wall St. and the entire US political class are behind him. Eliminating the US southern border eliminates the US. "A nation without borders is not a nation."


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