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Trump and Hillary in statistical tie in Virginia, 48-45 among registered voters in list based sample, June 13-15, 2016, Public Policy Polling. Trump leads Hillary among Independent voters by 13 points, 42-29. PPP sample: 37D, 30R, 32Ind

6/16/16, "Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,032 registered voters from June 13th to 15th. The margin of error is +/-3.1%. 80% of participants, selected through a list based sample, responded via the phone, while 20% of respondents who did not have landlines conducted the survey over the internet through an opt-in internet panel."

PPP sample, p. 5: 54 female, 46 male (+8 female)

PPP sample, p. 5: 37Dem, 3ORep, 32 Independent

Among all voters, Hillary 42, Trump 39, statistical tie with 3.1 error margin. 

Head to head with no other candidates, Hillary 48, Trump 45, still a statistical tie.

Among Virginia independent voters, Trump has 13 point lead over Hillary:

Independent voters: Trump 42, Hillary 29


Added: For America First (at last) fans only:

6/16/16, "Virginia Polls and The Battle To Put America First"…

"Polling is being used and manipulated to aid the professional political apparatus in their efforts to eliminate the threat that is Donald Trump. The sheer scope of the antagonistic efforts toward that end is remarkable. However, Donald Trump has a strategy to cut through the smokescreen – more on that after the PPP Poll.
Public Policy Polling has released a poll of Virginia voters (full pdf below). Everyone knows PPP leans left and they don’t try to hide their bias – that’s ok, we don’t have any issue with ideological polling so long as there is accompanying honesty.
As long as the bias is open and admitted, and as long as the methodology and cross tabs are fully disclosed, the reader can adjust their perspective accordingly – and that’s why we find PPP polls useful.

The sample within the poll is gender skewed toward polled female voters by 8%. 54/46.

A traditional poll model would be 51(fem)/49(male).  Against that methodology skew the resulting poll outcome is:

2 candidate trump vs clinton - PPP Poll Virginia

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,032 registered voters from June 13th to 15th. The race is close and within the polls margin of error – and if you consider the gender skew, the race is essentially tied.

However, on a profoundly optimistic note – despite a constant media drum beat of negativism toward Trump – with independent Virginia voters Donald Trump does remarkably better than Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the full poll data.

Expanding The Thoughts...Today marks the one year anniversary since Donald Trump entered the 2016 presidential race and became the first candidate to challenge the DC UniParty in the past three decades.

The most remarkable aspect to Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign has been his unique capability to rip the masks from the fraudulent crony conservatives within every aspect of American politics.

Donald Trump represents an existential threat to the entire apparatus of modern political power, and both sides of the UniParty continue working earnestly to remove him from challenging their grip on power.

Toward that end Trump’s enemies remain what we predicted they would be a year ago. 

The professional political class, 
the Vichy Republican party, 
Wall Street, 
The Media, 
Professional punditry, 
Consulting Class Republicans and 
the entire party apparatus.

These special political self-interest-groups are pulling out all the stops to undermine Donald Trump. He’s well aware of that and we should be too. This is where it becomes important to see how Trump is combating the totality of the machine that is aligned against him.

Trump knows the polling is being used to psychologically undermine his campaign. The enemies within the GOPe will stop at nothing to retain their grip on power, there are literally trillions of dollars at stake.  Take a look at this notation from yesterday [US-Mexico Leadership Initiative] that flies under the radar of all eyes except those who are on the front line in the battle to save America: [Notice Mexican flag, the flag of a slave state, on stage with Tom Donahue. Minimum wage in Mexico is 53 cents per hour, $4.25 per day. A slave wage. Why don't they raise it? Because the US wants Mexico to remain a slave state. At 53c/hr, it guarantees an endless flood of impoverished, indigenous Mexicans crossing the porous US border to work for less than standard American wages. "Powerful forces...have reduced working-class wages around the globe." Newsweek...Remittances wired back to Mexico are now a boom industry, the slave nation's second highest source of revenue, nearly $24.8 billion in 2015-more than Mexico's oil industry. The US Federal Reserve is also in on the remittance racket.]:

us coc mexico

(link)  Readers who have followed the presidential race will note how Donohue and the U.S. CoC is absolutely aligned against Donald Trump because of Trump’s America-First economic principles. Donohue is the leading edge of the globalist usurpation within the United States and within the elite financial class of Wall Street.

Wall Street has written the legislative agenda for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell; so long as that legislative agenda is maintained both Ryan and McConnell are willing to give the other side of the UniParty (Pelosi/Reid) anything they desire. It’s a trade-off (no pun intended).

The #NeverTrump forces within the professional political machine are going to fight to retain the globalist perspectives of the CoC and Wall Street. Notice [globalist, "conservative" radio talk show host] Steve Daines is also participating in this endeavor.  <– Daines is a forceful anti-Tump voice.

Nationalism, or “America First” is a threat to the priorities of Wall Street. There are trillions of dollars at stake. Corporate media are directly tied into these endeavors. It is critical, C.R.I.T.I.C.A.L, that ordinary Americans understand who the enemy within is actually comprised of. Once you understand the enemy, you can understand the forces aligned against Donald Trump.

Now, back to polling….
As previously mentioned, the goals of the corporate entities -who have billions of their influential stakes at risk- will stop at nothing to see the risk that Donald Trump represents destroyed and eliminated. Historically these same entities are the primary financiers for the Republican Party Apparatus.

Our successful insurgency has left them no option other than to out themselves in their efforts to destroy our candidate. They will burn the house down before they allow us to take it over, but we will succeed because we have something they don’t – – NUMBERS.

….There are more of us than them.

That’s why these entities are working diligently, and spending millions, to transmit a psychological message that we are in the minority (see Bloomberg).We’re not!

Take a look at this current non-media battle ground poll snapshot from key counties as presented by Axiom (it also includes a Virginia county): [Trump leads in 5 of 7 bellwether counties]

battleground polls axiom

Clinton’s advantages are few and far between. You might remember Loudoun County Virginia (Northern VA / DC Suburb) voted for Rubio in the primary. That group is voting to retain their seat at the trough. Southern VA and the Military Coast are overwhelmingly supporting Trump.

The critical counties of Sandusky Ohio (jobs, jobs, jobs), and Luzerne County Pennsylvania (economy, economy, economy) are all pro trump. Trump is winning 5 of the 7 bell weather counties, and he’s winning PA by 17 points– THAT’S YUGE.

This is hard data. Actual data. Non-skewed data. Unfiltered data.  Real data....

But Trump knows he has to have a plan to defeat both the republican machine, and their psychological warfare unit, until he can exit the convention and turn all guns blazing toward Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s plan to defeat this psychological game is a simple one, Keep Campaigning.

Put the visibility of support directly in front of everyone’s face. The continuation of the Trump Rallies, and the thousands upon thousands of attendees, makes it difficult for the paid pollsters to retain the ruse."...


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