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Republican Establishment has no 'concern' about Trump or any other candidate beyond whether the candidate will play ball for the globalist financial class as they do-TCTH, sundance. The Sabotage Republicans, Jeffrey Lord, Nov. 2013

"The Sabotage Republicans:" "Not much has been made of the long, disgraceful trait of Establishment Republicans to demand party unity--unless they lose a primary or a convention. In which case they simply refuse to unite behind the winning conservative. And deliberately, with malice aforethought-- actively seek to sabotage that conservative."...11/8/2013, Jeffrey Lord.
The Ruling Class

6/7/16, "Donald Trump, Judge Curiel, Decepticons and The Non Discussed Motives of The GOPe Quislings…," tcth, sundance

"It is important to remember the nomination of Donald Trump is an existential threat to the Uniparty apparatus within DC. In general terms Trump is opposed by both of the power structures, Democrats and Republicans, who are charged with carrying out the legislative agenda provided by Wall Street and the financial class.

More specifically, the GOPe leadership of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were always going to be in opposition to Donald Trump. The entire architecture of the republican presidential race was structurally intended to advance the ‘establishment’ candidacy of next-in-line Jeb. This was the grand design since October of 2014, including every player within the presidential race, which we previously outlined in great detail.

As we presented mid-2015, if Trump bested their globalist/Wall St efforts -which seemed almost insurmountable at the time-  the GOPe would have no reasonable alternative other than to support the alternate side of the UniParty coin, Hillary Clinton.

However, supporting Clinton is ideologically favorable but optically challenging. Everything would have to be carefully constructed to avoid the appearance of their support.

Predictably 2016 endorsements would not be actual endorsements per se’. Support in-name-only is the best way to think of it. What followed (post Indiana) was essentially the visibility of this approach. The media sells the arms length approach as necessary due to the vulgarian or controversial nature of candidate Trump. However, that narrative is factually false.

The GOPe do not support the nationalist candidacy of Donald Trump because the America-First principles espoused by Trump are antithetical to their legislative agenda. It has nothing to do with Trump’s personality; their motives only use the behavioral excuse as a shield to hide the reality of their UniParty affiliation.
As an example today when House Speaker Paul Ryan says candidate Trump’s remarks about Judge Curiel are “the literal definition of racism“, most of the Trump supporters and most of the Anti-Trump advocates, point out how Ryan’s remarks are going to be in Hillary Clinton campaign ads.

Yes, indeed Ryan’s words will be in Hillary Clinton campaign ads; but that is not accidental – it is by Machiavellian design.
The GOPe is going to do everything within their power to undermine the candidacy of their own nominee because that nominee is an existential threat to their own grip on power.
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell et al, cannot openly appear to be throwing the 2016 Presidential race because that would expose the UniParty to full electoral sunlight.

No, instead their efforts must be more covert, more subtle, more designed to provide benefit while retaining appearances.
What the GOPe are doing, on behalf of their legislative agenda, is politically strategic. Remember this is the same crew behind Omnibus, behind TPP, behind the Corker/Cardin amendment, behind the attempted passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Just like in June of 2014 when they were trying to pass the Gang of Eight bill in the House (derailed by the primary [removal] of Eric Cantor), the GOPe is one side of the UniParty apparatus strategically trying to give the viewing electorate the appearance of opposition while simultaneously working to deliver an identical outcome.

How did that fiscal year budget 2017 work out? [No budget for 8 straight years]…with the GOPe in control of the House and Senate?….or funding for DAPA (Obama’s executive amnesty)… See the real picture here?

POINT #2The GOPe have some VERY WEAK candidates at risk of defeat in 2016, and that has nothing to do with presidential candidate Donald Trump. 
Rob Portman (Ohio), Kelly Ayotte (NH), Mark Kirk (IL) and Ron Johnson (WI), are a few of the vulnerable republican senate incumbents not because of Donald Trump, but rather because they are quislings to the GOPe side of the UniParty apparatus and their flawed and unprincipled character is transparent to their own state electorate. You can easily add Senator John McCain (AZ) to this list.

Leader Mitch McConnell [over 30 years in the Senate] is a snake of the highest order. He knows the limp-wristed, big government, progressive republican, Wall Street cause could most certainly mean Portman, Ayotte, Kirk, Johnson and McCain may lose. [*note* Hopefully McCain lose in the primary].  Hence, McConnell now trying to weaken Trump’s candidacy by positioning their potential loss as Trump’s burden. The exact opposite of McConnell’s narrative is true.

If the aforementioned vulnerables would show some independent spine and support the majority will of their electorate, meaning actually do what America-First is about, they would probably win...and that weakens Mitch McConnell’s standing.

The best political play for both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is to sell the concern narrative that Trump is toxic and then work earnestly to deliver a self fulfilling prophecyThis keeps them in power, allows obfuscation by blaming the White House for another 4 years, and retains their influence on the legislative agenda. Win/Win.
Notice in all of the visits to Capitol Hill you have never seen one picture of Donald Trump standing with Paul Ryan. Despite the large scale media interest there’s never been a single photo op?  

That is 100% intentionally by design – Speaker ‘Omnibus’ Ryan, having been in Washington DC for over 18 years, is working the political angles furiously.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.




Added: What if the GOP has no articulated agenda? In the 2014 Mississippi GOP primary, the GOP E decided the only they could win was by soliciting democrat votes:

6/30/2014, "The Ruling Class Went Down to Mississippi," Angelo M. Codevilla, Liberty Law site
"The mass of GOP and independent voters, having come to see themselves as disadvantaged and insulted by the ruling class, have increasingly supported anti-establishment candidates to challenge it in Republican primaries. Accurately, the Republican establishment sees this as a greater threat to themselves than any Democrats could be.

In the Mississippi primary, Republican establishmentarians from around the country solicited votes from Democrats to defeat the insurgent challenge to Senator Thad Cochran. Their arguments were the same ones used by the bipartisan ruling class that has ruled America for a generation

The role of government is to generate benefits for its clients,
and those who object are bad people.... 

The Republican Party’s very identity, the one, sole, argument it makes to persuade voters to vote Republican rather than Democrat, is that it will take the country in a direction different from the one in which it has been going.

But, in the Mississippi primary, the Republican Establishment’s campaign was by and for crony capitalism, and employed the classic themes by which the ruling class has beaten down the rest of America."...


Added: Nov. 2015 article:

11/29/2015, "The Existential Threat...If You Think Trump is Under Attack Now...You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," sundance
"Climate Change and The TPP Agenda"...
"So it looks like we got their globalist climate treaty only they called it the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty. So, what happens tomorrow?
Well, according to TPP anything agreed on and signed by President Obama in Paris is then enforceable under THIS TPP TREATY."...


Image at top from July 16, 2010, "America's Ruling Class--and the Perils of Revolution," Angelo M. Codevilla, American Spectator 


Added: 6/2/16, Trump supporter walking alone to his car after San Jose rally is sucker punched from behind, hit in the head. 10 frames. Many sucker punches were delivered to the head and neck of Trump supporters in California but most people are completely unaware of this. These events are generally described by media as "clashes" or "violence" between Trump supporters and others. The "violence" went only one way.





Mexico is a virtual slave state. Minimum wage there is 53 cents per hour, $4.25 per day. As long as Mexico remains a slave state, Mexicans will flee to the US, and US businesses will get cheap labor. "Powerful forces...have reduced working-class wages around the globe." Newsweek...

June 6, 2016, "California Nightmarin'," You Tube, Sample of 7 sucker punches thrown in California at Trump supporters. The hits were from behind to the head and/or neck. (start at :52 on video). An 8th, simply chased, tackled, and thrown to the ground.


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