Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's not about race, ethnicity, or skin color. Its' America's culture that's targeted

June 7, 2016, "Monica Crowley Lays Out Argument Against Judge La Raza In Two Minutes,"…tcth, sundance

Two among comments to above post:

"Dick Albright says:
"It’s not race, or ethnicity, or color of skin. It IS a battle of CULTURES. And that is always the most vulnerable feature to defeat. The “CULTURE” of the US and it’s American Way has always been the ‘envy’ of the world, at first to assimilate (from 1892 to 1954 when we closed Ellis Island for good reasons)…and now we are subjected to “PLUNDER”."

"MoniQueMoniCat says:
True. I find it odd that out of all the hundreds of cultures it is only 3 distinct cultures waging the war. No other cultures wage war in America against America. IMO each of those 3 have a collective low self-esteem, no doubt created and fostered by leftist propaganda that keeps them in bondage [eg Mexico min. wage is 53c per hour, virtual slavery] somewhere in that place between learned helplessness and dependency, and paranoia from a persecuted victim complex. Being nice and capitulating to them just makes them worse."


Added: Sucker punches to heads and necks of Trump supporters: After June 2 Trump rally in San Jose, seven examples of assaults beginning at :52 on the video. Two supporters drip blood from the attacks. In 8th example, supporter is chased and tackled to the ground. Below, one example, a Trump supporter walking alone is approached from behind and hit in the head, 10 frames. "California Nightmarin'," You Tube





No more American dream. It's all global:
"Whichever approach is taken by the political parties to lure the white working class, it’s going to have to go up against powerful forces that have reduced working-class wages around the globe."...

9/25/2014, "Why Working-Class White Men Make Democrats Nervous," Newsweek, by   


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