Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump surging in Georgia ahead of Super Tuesday, now at 39 among Georgia registered Republican voters, wide support across all demographics-WSB TV, Atlanta, 2/29/16

Trump 39
Rubio 20
Cruz 15

No link to poll

2/29/16, "POLL: Trump widens Republican lead ahead of Super Tuesday," WSB TV, Atlanta, Ga.

"Super Tuesday is less than 24-hours away and a new Channel 2 Action News / Landmark RosettaStone poll is showing support for Republican front-runner Donald Trump is growing in Georgia.

Despite an onslaught of attacks, Trump is surging in the polls, up 7 points in a week, leading with 39 percent amongst registered Republican voters.

Trumps gains come at the expense of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, at 20 percent and 15 percent respectively. Both men have lost ground since the last poll done by Channel 2 Action News."


Age groups:

18-39 39.5

40-64 36.7

65+ 41.6


White 39.6

African American 28.8

Other 27.8


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