Monday, February 22, 2016

Along with Jeb, big losers include neocon periodicals who've silenced debate about Iraq war. 'The Republican Party is overdue in having this debate'-Craig Shirley, Doug Ross Journal

Added: "As the Bush dynasty falls, it must watch in horror knowing that it is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump." Maureen Dowd, NY Times column, "Escape from Bushworld," 2/21/16, last sentence

2/21/16, "Presidential Historian Craig Shirley: The Fall of the House of Bush," Doug Ross Journal, Director Blue, by Craig Shirley

"Jeb's loss is the loss of an entire culture. It means the established order is waning, the donor class of the GOP no longer holds sway, and the power no longer resides with the party committees

It means those writers and organizations and publications and individuals who subscribed to a New World Order and Big Government Republicanism are also in steep decline....

One of those neocon periodicals recently called Trumpism a “virus” for questioning the Iraq War. Donald Trump should not have said that President George Bush “lied” but that is besides the point. The need for a debate about the war has remained unspoken out of simple party loyalty. John Kennedy once said sometimes party loyalty demanded too much. The Republican Party is overdue in having this debate....

The party has now moved beyond Bushism but this was a long time coming....Along the way there were blips up but mostly down as the party became more conservative, more populist, more anti foreign adventures and yes, more anti Bush."...


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