Saturday, March 28, 2015

Young New Hampshire crowd cheers Ted Cruz support for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu

"The crowd erupted in applause after Cruz declared his steadfast support for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu."
3/28/15, "The Disrupter? Ted Cruz Lays Out ‘Grassroots Guerrilla’ Strategy for College Audience," Breitbart, A. Marlow, Nashua, N.H.

Fri., 3/27/15, Nashua, NH

"With a speech peppered with pop culture references, Texas Senator Ted Cruz brought a crowd of college students to their feet on three occasions Friday night at the New England Freedom Conference.

The first 2016 presidential candidate is the most prominent conservative speaking at the free enterprise-themed weekend hosted by conservative activist organization Young America’s Foundation.

Cruz, who paid homage to Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul for their ability to connect with young audiences, tailored his speech to the youthful crowd.

Of the 200+ in attendance at the Radisson Hotel Nashua, most were students. The 44-year-old Texan presented himself as relentlessly positive in the face of intense and often nasty opposition. In his introduction, Reagan Ranch director Andrew Coffin compared the onslaught of attacks waged against Cruz to what Ronald Reagan endured.

Cruz laughed off the negativity. “Reagan dealt with things with a smile,” he said....

At times the speech veered to serious political topics:

The junior Texas Senator criticized the Democrats for the rapid rise in the national debt—he noted that it has gone up $8 trillion since his six-year-old daughter was born—as well as the beleaguered jobs market and staggering student loans for young people....

He went on to describe the Obama administration as the “most antagonist administration to Israel” in the history of the USA. The crowd erupted in applause after Cruz declared his steadfast support for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Several shots at the GOP political establishment were well received by the conference-goers.  

Republicans in Washington D.C. have accepted Obamacare as a permanent feature,” he declared to a smattering of moans. Cruz cited Republicans in particular as being unwilling to change polices and strategies that could jeopardize their own job security.

The 2016 hopeful described himself as a disrupter: an agent whose modus operandi is to question accepted norms and upset the natural order of things.

The Hispanic American of Cuban descent made it clear that he hopes to establish an identity as an upbeat conservative, steadfast in his principles, often at odds with the Republican Party, and using a playbook patented by Democrats.

With the clarion call “change the rules in Washington” neatly summing up his extensive remarks, Sen. Ted Cruz generated an enthusiastic response from the Young America’s Foundation New England Freedom Conference audience.

The conference continues Saturday with a full day of speakers and is live-streamed at"

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