Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The term 'climate change' is political speech-Commenter to Judith Curry post about 2016 US presidential election and issue of man caused global warming

3/24/15, "The stupid party," Judith Curry, Climate Etc.

"The emergence of candidates for U.S. President in the 2016 election is raising some interesting issues about climate change."...


Among comments to Dr. Curry's post: 


Use of the term "climate change" is political speech:

"Bob Greene

"Usually, when I see the words “climate change” I disregard all that follows. The words, as used in this article and in the mainstream jargon of climate science have been bent out of normal recognition. 

We are going to “fight climate change” means we are going to stop it from changing? Climate stasis? 

Expert climate scientists claim they can control the climate and keep it from changing. Really?

If you dare to question orthodoxy you are a “climate change denier?” Now do you deny the climate is changing? No, you deny that man has sinned against the earth and deny that you must make the proper propitiations to the climate gods.

The use of the word is political speech: it snows, it’s hot, it rains, thunderstorm, tropical cyclone, earthquakes, volcanoes: all “climate change.” It’s cooler than normal today and predicted to be warmer than normal tomorrow: must be climate change.

Anyone who actually thinks Governor Brown is a spokesman for “climate change” rather makes my point that the words are gibberish as used today.

Start out using proper, well defined scientific language and cut the political speech."

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