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To save itself the inconvenience of having to nullify elections as they did in 2010 and 2014, GOP Establishment and its 'experts' assure us that conservative candidates can't win general elections-Lester Jackson

GOP Establishment's constant fight to keep the Democrat agenda in ascendance is exemplified by its nullification of 2014 midterms:

1/2/15, "The Last Resort: Replace John Boehner," Lester Jackson, American Thinker

"Conservatives find it especially galling -- and intolerable -- to have a Speaker who (a) shows utter contempt for the representatives whose election resulted in his ascension to power; and (b) does everything he can to subvert the wishes, interests and values of these representatives and their constituents.... 

The RINO modus operandi is crystal clear. First, RINOs savagely and falsely smear conservatives who offer a choice in Republican primaries, even courting Democrat votes with classic shameless Democrat-style race-baiting.  

Second, after working and spending vast sums to defeat conservatives in primaries, the Establishment demands that conservatives support RINOs in general elections because Democrats are allegedly worse and conservatives have no place else to go. After the lame-duck effrontery the country just suffered (in Dec. 2014 via the Cromnibus), defiant RINO nullification of an election won by candidates who campaigned on the appeal and strength of conservative promises, the "lesser evil" siren song has lost a lot of its appeal.

Third, and most important, while demanding conservative "lesser evil" support for RINO nominees, the Establishment often does not reciprocate. Nor are RINOs content to remain mute about their distaste for conservative nominees. Instead, RINOs feel free to trash conservative Republican nominees. Then Establishment "experts" pontificate that conservative candidates can't win general elections because they are incompetent, too extreme and just plain nuts. Obviously, when a conservative primary winner has to fight not only a Democrat opponent but also malicious attacks by those supposed to be on his or her own side, it is grossly unfair to declare him or her unelectable.

The Lesson: Turnabout Is Fair Play     

There is a lesson here. For RINOs, the "lesser evil" ploy is a one-way street. Many RINOs favor defeat of conservative Republicans by leftist Democrats, if that's the choice. Turning the tables is long overdue....

By 1988, Connecticut's conservative icon William F. Buckley, Jr. had had enough of RINO Senator Lowell Weicker. So Buckley endorsed and helped elect Democrat Joseph Leiberman. Currently, no junior Democrats can do as much damage to conservatism as Boehner."...


Added: A Boehner aligned group, American Action Network, recently ran attack ads against Republican congressmen suggesting they were helping terrorists for merely wanting to vote as they had promised their constituents rather than for Boehner's Democrat agenda. The group says it will spend millions more to force Republican congresspersons to vote against the will of those who elected them:

3/3/15, "John Boehner’s Running Attack Ads Against His Own Party Now, That’s Fun," wonkette, Kaili Joy Gray

"With the ominous music and scary pictures of scary terrorists and totally unsubtle accusations of not caring about national security, you’d think this was an ad against a Democrat in the 2002 election. But it’s not. This beauty, airing in three states and targeting Republican Rep. Huelskamp and his fellow Republican Reps. Jim Bridenstine and Jim Jordan, is paid for by the American Action Network, which is spending $400,000 this week to run television, radio, and digital ads against a whole bunch of conservatives, telling their constituents to demand a clean longer-than-one-week-DUH funding bill — from Republicans.

Who is the American Action Network? Glad you asked. It’s a nonprofit “action tank” (groan) aligned with John Boehner. How aligned? This aligned:
AAN is housed in the same office as the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC associated with Boehner, and the two organizations share senior aides, including Brian O. Walsh, the president of both organizations, and Dan Conston, the spokesman for both.
Boehner spoke at a fundraiser for CLN earlier this summer and also headlined the organization’s inaugural event. The group’s website has posted links to numerous news stories that refer to the group as “Boehner’s” super PAC.
So really, these ads against his fellow conservatives could not be more Boehner-endorsed unless he appeared at the end saying, “I’m John Boehner, and I approved this message because I’m trying real hard not to look like an idiot by allowing our national security to be put at risk by my own damned party.”

Boehner’s super PAC has dozens of House Republicans on its shit list, though only three are lucky enough to star in TV ads. So far. But the “action tank” (seriously, GROAN) has big long-term plans for House members who don’t fall in line to make Boehner look like he doesn’t suck at his job, threatening to “spend millions of dollars to contact voters in the coming months.” The group’s executive director, Mike Shields, says the “center-right conservative organization” is running attack ads — against conservatives! — because it is “our job is to educate voters on issues that matter and this is one of the issues that’s very, very important.”"...[Politico]

Below, image of Boehner attack ad against GOP Congressman Huelskamp:

image above from Wonkette


After the Nov. 2010 landslide that rescued the GOP House from Siberia, it was clear GOP bosses would have preferred remaining in the minority: Rush Limbaugh, 2010:

"Establishment Republicans will fight harder and more viciously to stop conservatives than to stop Obama and the left."...(2/3 down page). 
11/4/10, "Ruling Class GOP Declare War on Country Class Conservatives,"

"The ruling class of the Republican Party doesn't want conservatives having any kind of a foothold, any success or any leadership in the party. ...(item half way down page)....So it appears to me they're (GOP) perfectly happy being in the minority if it means not supporting conservatives. (2/3 down page).

Apparently the establishment Republicans will fight harder and more viciously to stop conservatives than to stop Obama and the left."...(2/3 down page).  

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