Thursday, April 18, 2013

Syrian regime known for using nail bombs which targeted the legs and resulted in many amputations-UK Telegraph

12/30/11, "Syrian security forces resort to nail bombs," UK Telegraph, Bloomfield, Marlow
"Deprived of its weapon of choice, the regime was instead forced to resort to cruder methods. The security forces fired automatic rifles at protesters in the cities of Hama and Deraa and, according to opposition groups, used nail bombs to disperse demonstrators in Douma on the outskirts of Damascus. 

Tens of thousands gathered outside Douma's Great Mosque after noon prayers were initially left unmolested but the security forces moved in as they attempted to march on Baladia Square in the centre of the town. 

"Half way there, the security forces attacked, firing tear gas and nail bombs," said one protester, who identified himself only as Ahmed. "The crowds dispersed, everyone was trying to hide. More than 100 were injured. Nails riddled the lower part of one man's body. It seemed he no longer had legs." 

The regime has been accused of using nail bombs since August, resulting in a large number of amputations that have often been conducted in makeshift field clinics because protesters taken to hospitals have frequently disappeared."... 


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