Saturday, April 20, 2013

Some officers ran out of ammo, so charged the brothers with their police car, but gunfire from the stolen Mercedes disabled the police car. Police then tried to tackle one of the brothers as he continued firing his pistol at them-Wash. Post

4/19/13, "How string of events involving Tsarnaev brothers unfolded," Washington Post, Warrick and Horwitz

p. 1, "Finally discovered, the Tsarnaevs led police on a chase through residential streets, hurling grenades and makeshift bombs as they drove. When cornered, they battled police with guns and more homemade explosives, wounding a transit officer and trading more than 200 rounds until the officers ran out of ammunition....

p. 2, "After more than 200 rounds were traded over several minutes, some officers were out of ammunition and charged the brothers’ position with their police car. The vehicle was disabled by gunfire from the Mercedes....

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, now out of his car, attempted to lob a makeshift bomb at police, but the device exploded in his hand. While still firing a pistol with the other hand, police tackled and tried to subdue the 200-pound amateur boxer."... via Lucianne


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