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Another heartbroken caller to talk radio who escaped communism, sees the US becoming what they escaped, and that no one cares, 'socialism is the least of the damage'

Pablo from Argentina was a devoted Communist in his youth: "I can tell you, I recognize a communist. And we have that in government. And that is a terrible thing that is happening to America that I would've never thought could happen."

4/25/13, "Immigrant: We Don't Want to Turn America into the Same Crappy Place We Came From," Rush Limbaugh transcript

"RUSH: Here's Pablo.  Pablo in Ft. Lauderdale.  I'm glad you called.  Welcome to EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you very much, Rush.  I was born in Argentina, before I became an American, the best nation that ever was.  I grew up learning songs of praise to Evita. In kindergarten they made us sing and dance songs of praise, that when I hear now kids in school learning songs of praise to Obama, I get a chill in my mind.

RUSH:  I can imagine you do.

CALLER:  Now, I want to tell you this.  Most Hispanics, like me and many friends that I have, we don't want to make America the same crappy place we came from.  That's the last thing in our hope.  Most of us are conservatives.  Some are conservative, I'm a patriot, I love America.

RUSH:  Well, you know what, Pablo, it's a good point.  A mistake is being made in that all Spanish speaking people are being lumped into Hispanics.  But of course you are Argentinean.

CALLER:  I'm American.

RUSH:  American.  Others are Mexican, others are from Cuba, others from Hispanola, El Salvador. They're all over the place, and they do have cultural differences. They're not monolithic.

CALLER:  But most of us do not want to make America the place where we come from. We don't want to destroy America. We are not liberal. We're not Democrats. We're not socialist. We lived our own version of socialism in our nation, and it didn't work.

RUSH:  How many Hispanic arrivals might you be talking about who don't know what the Democrat Party's doing?  They don't know that the Democrats are in the process of turning this country into Argentina or whatever else you escaped.

CALLER:  They learn quickly, like I learned, Rush, when I went from 15 to 21 years old, I was a communist myself in Argentina.  So I know a communist when I hear one, when I see one.  I was one.  I studied.  I can still sing you the International, and I can tell you by heart the manifesto. Of course I'm a patriot, I'm American and a conservative, a hundred percent now.  But I can tell you, I recognize a communist.  And we have that in government.  And that is a terrible thing that is happening to America that I would've never thought could happen.  I mean, if America's gone, there is nothing left.  There's nowhere to go.

RUSH:  That's it.  We are it.  There is no other place on earth that is going to stand up for the freedom of anybody, anywhere.

CALLER:  And I wish most Americans will stop taking all the freedoms for granted and understand that we can also collapse.  I mean, it happened before.  Socialism, what it does to you economically is the least of the damage.  What it does to the spirit of people is absolutely horrendous and that's forever.  I have business in the Ukraine.  I have to go there sometimes, and I deal with people that lived under communism.  And I tell you, their spirits are broken, because they are unable to trust on anything because that's what communism teaches you, to distrust everything, including yourself.

RUSH:  That's exactly right.  That's exactly right.  Broken spirits, no hope, no aspirations, no ambition, no dreaming.

CALLER:  Right.  They become sarcastic and that's the end because at that point they cannot take anything seriously, not even their own freedom, their own life. They cannot fight for their own life. They give up and they believe that that is the normal status of the man, they never saw anything else, and you cannot repair it.  And we have that in Argentina, and that's why Argentina, even though they have the third largest shale deposit in the world, is totally bankrupt and will continue to be that way as a result of Peronism, which was our own version of socialism.

RUSH:  You know, Pablo, I can hear the voice of experience when you talk, I can hear it.  I don't know, I wish people like you ran for office, but I know you don't want the media anal exam that you would get, but keep talking.  Keep talking.  I'm glad you called."


Talk radio listeners in recent years have heard other callers like Pablo, stunned that America is turning into the kind of place they escaped and that no one cares. Following are three more recent examples, one on 3/27/13 to Mark Levin, one on 2/27/13 to Rush Limbaugh, and at the end of this post a caller on 10/12/12 to Rush Limbaugh from a former Hungarian:

3/27/13, Heartbroken caller to Mark Levin show, grew up under communism, is horrified at what has happened to the US:

8:50pm, Wed., March 27, 2013. A physician who grew up under communism called Mark Levin's show. Said he can't believe what he's seeing in this country, that it's changed into a totalitarian regime, now no different than Europe except for the second amendment. Accent was either Russian or other Eastern Europe. 


2/27/13, I heard this caller from Romania to Rush's show. Obama's release of prisoners was in the news that day. The caller also notes US media's role of misinformation is the same he saw under Communism:

2/27/13, "Why Totalitarians Release Prisoners," Rush Limbaugh transcript

"RUSH: Here's Sarine in Hollywood. Sarine, it's great to have you on the program. Hello, sir....

CALLER: Rush, dittos, to start with. Mega, mega dittos. All the best to you, my friend. This regime that is elected by the clueless and the uninformed has come very, very close to -- and, in fact, crossed the line of -- breaking the law by releasing these people out of prison illegally like that. Something like this happened in the seventies in Europe, and this is the reason why I'm so impressed with you that you're so astute that you can understand details that people who have lived here all their lives would have no access to. 

They're being pounded with false information all this time. What Ceausescu did in the early seventies is he gave the common thieves and pickpockets and basic criminals that were in prison a choice. They could take a passport to go to Western Europe or stay in prison. So, of course, they chose to leave. That was everybody's dream, thieves or not.

RUSH: This would Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania we're talking about, right?...

CALLER: Thank you...Yeah, so the real purpose was to create absolute havoc in the Western world, in Western Europe, for those who tried to escape -- risking life and limb; crossing at night under the hail of bullets; leaving family, possessions, memories, childhood behind -- just escape and be free. They would ask for political asylum in places like West Germany or France or Italy....So the fact that you mentioned the Marielitos [Castro's Mariel boat lift] and the intent of creating havoc by releasing these people, it is so close in reality and to the truth....Of course, once they hit the streets and saw the naivete of the rich world, which is what everybody looked at it as being, they started pillaging there....

RUSH: I tell you, I'm finding myself in a difficult situation here, because I know that certain words and phrases happen to turn people off in this country. For example... if you say to somebody, "That person over there's a communist," you lose 'em. That doesn't work. So you say, "Okay, socialist." Well, okay, that may make more impact. Call 'em a totalitarian or a statist, they still don't want to hear it.

But it's challenging because that's exactly what's happening. Barack Obama is employing tactics that have been used by people like Nicolae Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro released hundreds of thousands of just the most horrible characters from his prisons and they infested south Florida in the Mariel Boatlift -- and the same thing with Ceausescu and releasing his prisoners. Not all of them are political. Some of them were hardened criminals....

Castro was trying to pollute south Florida. He was trying to corrupt it, and the United States in general. Saddam Hussein was trying to corrupt Iraq and Baghdad by letting his most hardened criminals go. It was a punishment, a punishment to the citizens of Iraq for not supporting him, for being complicit in the forthcoming US invasion....

Now, when you say that Obama is imitating the behavior of people like that, my guess is that any low-information voters in the audience who hear me say this are gonna pooh-pooh it and they're gonna start calling me names: "Reactionary, controversial statements," whatever, "extremist racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe," what have you. Because the low-information voter looks at Obama as a prisoner himself of the Republican Party. "Obama's doing everything he can to make life better!...

The media is only part of it.  It's a big part of it, but it's not the entire explanation.  We've reached a point in our cultural evolution where the clueless...who think they know everything, by the way, dominate.  I appreciate the call." 


Following is an article from a former Soviet:

Oleg ran to America from the former Soviet Union but now finds America has turned into the old USSR complete with 1-party rule 
11/9/12, “Old Soviet jokes become the new American reality,The People’s Cube, by Oleg Atbashian

At first the move to America from the former USSR made me feel as though I had made a jump in time, from the stagnant depraved past into a distant dynamic future....Today I’m feeling like a time traveler again.

Only this time the productive, honest and self-reliant America is vanishing in the past….
Deprived of free political speech, Soviets had developed a culture of underground political jokes. I used to remember thousands of them….
Americans had no first-hand knowledge of a totalitarian government, ideological uniformity, and shameless propaganda.

But that is changing. The more America “progresses” back to the Soviet model, the more translatable the old Soviet jokes become….
The six contradictions of socialism in the United States of America
America is capitalist and greedyyet half of the population is subsidized.  Half of the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims....
-The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about... yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

There’s more where it came from – or where we’re going, whichever the case may be.”


A BBC article finds former Soviets in a Brooklyn, NY enclave:

Emigres from the former Soviet Union living in Brooklyn remember Communism, its "big government and anti-business programmes." Too bad they vote Republican because the GOP couldn't give a damn:

6/2/12, "New York's Republican enclave," BBC, Reggie Nadelson

"While most of the city is pro-Obama, there is a corner of New York that traditionally votes Republican - the city's holiday destination, Brighton Beach.

"You hear more English in Odessa in the summer than here in Brighton Beach," says Ramon, a waiter at Restaurant Tatiana.

A recent immigrant from Ukraine, Ramon was a waiter on ships all over the world, but, like hundreds of thousands before him, he dreamed of the United States.

"I am so happy to be here," he adds, bringing me a glass of Russian Standard vodka.

It surprises me, finding a whole new cast of young immigrants here in the coastal area of Brooklyn they sometimes call Little Odessa, and, though it is more than two decades since the former Soviet Union fell, you can still get a whiff of the bad old days....

Perhaps the recent memory of too little choice - and sometimes too little food - is still palpable on Brighton Beach...."But why is that slightly scary fellow staring at me? Then I realise it is the "Re-elect Obama" button on my jacket.

This is a little bastion of Republicans in an overwhelmingly Democratic city. 

These are people who remember the Soviet Union all too well and resist what they see as


Caller to Rush Limbaugh 10/12/12 grew up in socialist Hungary, escaped to America, and is alarmed to see the same socialism happening in the US:

10/12/12, "Private Citizen Buys Airtime to Do Job Mainstream Media Refuses to Do," Rush Limbaugh transcript

"This is a message from an American who was born into communism and using his own money to warn of socialism. An American born to communism, trying to inform the rest of the American people what people at CNN believe in and how it's a dangerous thing.

So CNN's headline is "Rich, Worried and Buying Ad Time -- He's not running for office. He's not part of a super PAC. He's not lobbying for or against any ballot measures. But billionaire Thomas Peterffy is spending millions on television ads this election season with one cautionary message: Avoid socialism."...Here is Mr. Peterffy's ad...(at link)

"PETERFFY: I grew up in a socialist country, and I have seen what that does to people. There is no hope, no freedom, no pride in achievement. The nation became poorer and poorer, and that's what I see happening here. As a young boy I was fantasizing about one day going to America, making a success of myself, the American dream. America's wealth comes from the efforts of people striving for success. Take away their incentive with bad-mouthing success and you take away the wealth that helps us take care of the needy. Yes, in socialism the rich will be poorer, but the poor will also be poorer. People lose interest in really working hard and creating jobs. I think this is a very slippery slope. It seems like people don't learn from the past. That's why I'm voting Republican and putting this ad on television."

RUSH: "And of course the media is offended by this. Their way of life is under assault here in this ad. So an American citizen has to spend millions dollars of dollars of his own money to get his message out because he doesn't find it reflected in the mainstream media of his own country." via Free Republic


Ed. note: The entire blame falls on the Bush crowd and Fox News. The GOP has merged with the democrats. They couldn't care less about the country. If they did nothing else but get us out of the UN that would be something, but they won't lift a finger.


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