Sunday, December 11, 2011

Romney and Gingrich both promoted 'individual mandate,' Romney in 2005 said those who don't buy would face tax penalties

June 22, 2005, "Romney eyes penalties for those lacking insurance," Boston Globe, S. Greenberger

"Massachusetts residents who choose not to obtain health insurance would face tax penalties and even the garnishing of their wages under a proposal Governor Mitt Romney unveiled yesterday.

Romney says the ''individual mandate" he is proposing, part of his broader plan to cover the roughly 500,000 people who are uninsured, would not cost the state any money. But some healthcare specialists say the approach might cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than state taxpayers currently provide for government health coverage."...


11/18/11, "Busted: Proof Positive That Gingrich Supported Healthcare Mandates," Forbes, Rick Ungar

"In Newt’s book “Real Change”, published in 2008, Gingrich repeated his proposal that those making over $50,000 be required to purchase health insurance. But he also noted that those who earn below that level should receive tax credits or government subsidies to assist them in acquiring health care insurance coverage.

Sound familiar? It should. The proposal is pretty much Obamacare on the nose."...


It's very simple, either drop the globalist agenda or stop running for office. ed

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