Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boston's Spaulding Hospital selected by Libyan Council and US Gov. to treat injured Libyans, adds Muslim Prayer Room

12/26/11, "Injured In Battle, Libyans Recuperate In U.S. Hospital," NPR, Pfeiffer

"Spaulding Hospital in Salem, Massachusetts, near Boston, is treating about two dozen of them (injured Libyans)....

He's (Ramzi Ben-Rahhal) now being treated for nerve damage, and Spaulding Hospital is trying to make him and the other Libyan patients feel more at home by providing Arabic television, a Muslim prayer room, and Middle Eastern foods like pita bread and olives."...


10/29/11, "Spaulding Hospital North Shore Selected to Treat Libyan War Wounded," SpauldingRehab.org

"The Libyan National Transition Council (LNTC) with support from the US Government reached out to care facilities in the United States for experts in rehabilitative care and selected the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network based in Boston, Massachusetts to begin to treat some of the wounded Libyan fighters."...


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