Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Businesses rushing to leave California and Illinois

12/22/11, "Editorial: Even profitable firms fleeing California," Orange County Register

"California businesses can expect little sympathy from leadership in Sacramento."

"The California Democratic Party's attitude long has been that businesses are basically trying to rip off the public, and the source of all wealth and advancement can be found in the public sector, When businesses leave. (State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell) Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and Co. show little sympathy."...


Dec. 2011, "Illinois companies eyeing an exit," Chicago Tribune, by Zoe Galland and Wangui Maina

"Chicago's huge futures exchange owner CME Group has joined a growing list of companies threatening to leave Illinois as a result of the state's corporate tax increase earlier this year. Illinois pushed through the 45 percent corporate tax increase in January, trying to address one of the biggest budget shortfalls of any state in the U.S. But the move proved to be a risky step -- since then, both small and large companies have complained about the increase, and some have received incentives to stay put."...

12/27/11, "Businesses Exit California and Illinois," Mike Shedlock, Townhall

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