Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Fox News talking heads act like the Senate is in the bag,' but I could see Democrats holding and taking 'a couple of ours,' commenter

12/19/11, "I really fear we could be right back where we were before 2010," heraklios Monday, December 19th at 11:12PM EST (link)

"I don’t think the D.C./Wall Street Establishment recognizes how much turnout will be down if a RINO gets the nomination. The Fox News talking heads act like the Senate is in the bag but I could easily see the Democrats holding their seats and taking a couple of ours. Likewise, in the House. Given the redistricting disaster in IL, TX (pending SCOTUS), CA and NY, we start in the hole. With a RINO Presidential nominee and weak conservative turnout, a bunch of other marginal seats could flip."

  • comment to post on RedState.com:

12/18/11, "House must decouple payroll tax from broader "Extenders" package," Daniel Horowitz, RedState.com


The #1 priority of the GOP establishment which includes some on Fox News is to make sure right of center Americans don't get the candidate we need to save this country (and get rid of them):

11/4/10, "Ruling Class GOP Declare War on Country Class Conservatives," RushLimbaugh.com

Spoken after the historic Tea Party victories in November 2010 that landed in the GOP because they had nowhere else to go, not because the GOP wanted most of them.

"The ruling class of the Republican Party doesn't want conservatives having any kind of a foothold, any success or any leadership in the party. ...(item half way down page)....So it appears to me they're (GOP) perfectly happy being in the minority if it means not supporting conservatives. (2/3 down page, Rush was using the term conservatives generally describing the new people elected in Nov. 2010)... Apparently the

  • establishment Republicans
  • will fight harder and more viciously to stop conservatives


11/20/10, "Revolutionary Do-Over," Wall St. Journal, John Fund

Former GOP Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, now a big-time Washington lobbyist, has already told the Washington Post that

  • it's imperative for his tribe to "co-opt" the tea partiers arriving in D.C."...


10/20/11, "The lost decade," Claremont Institute, Angelo M. Codevilla


Taqiyya is the art of pre-empting one's opponent

  • to prevent issues from being 'debated or discussed'
  • "Outwitting:

"Islamic spokesmen commonly use taqiyya as a form of 'outwitting'. The skilled taqiyya-tactician doesn’t want the matter at hand to be debated or discussed; so his opponent must be outwitted or preemptively outflanked by the use of taqiyya. The objective is to divert attention away from the subject

  • through duplicity and obfuscation. "

4/30/07, "Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah," IslamWatch, W. MacKenzie


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