Monday, December 26, 2011

Sirius XM so in the tank for Obama it banished a talented liberal host for telling the truth about him. Lynn Samuels, RIP

Update #2, ""Sirius XM will air a tribute to Lynn Samuels on Tuesday, December 27th on Sirius XM Left Channel 127 from 7-10 AM Eastern."According to several posts on, Bennett will return from vacation to co-host with his fill-in for this week, Richard Bey." ...

"The last two months of Lynn's Sirius/XM shows, are available at the page given below."

2 items above from posters on NY Radio Message Board

Update, 12/26/11, "Goodbye Lynn, Independent Thinker Samuels Did It Her Way," Radio Equalizer

12/25/11, "Former WABC host Lynn Samuels dies Christmas Eve at 69," NY Daily News, John Hinckley

12/25/11, "RIP Lynn Samuels," NY Radio Message Board, commenter Johnlightening

"Lynn was doubtlessly the main reason I had for keeping Sirius/XM, as I have witnessed the diminishing returns it has given since the two services merged.

Her exile to weekends because she refused, refused to be a tow the line liberal (as per her hatred of Obama's presidency) was one of the reasons why this liberal loved her... and when she was moved to a weekend only slot, it allowed me to hear her show more often, and I relished every opportunity to do so. She knew how to entertain and inform!

She truly will be missed by all fans of talk radio where free expression, unbridled thought and opinion count.

Talk radio needs a lot more Lynn Samuel's... It is truly a less Merry Christmas and a less bright radio world without her. "


12/26/11, "Radio’s Lynn Samuels dies at 69," NY Post, M. Maddux


Ed. note: Re: Ms. Samuels' famous laundromat employment cited in NY Daily News article: I listened to Ms. Samuels from WBAI through WABC and recall discussion of her laundromat employment which was before and during her WBAI days when she was poor, not after leaving WABC as the article states. She made and saved a lot of money at WABC and wasn't poor after leaving there. I called her WABC show once on the topic of Mennonites. She was the first human being I ever heard say the word 'google.'


Further explanation of Lynn's liberal cred from a site called dogstarradio, via poster at BigGov.


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