Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Global warming insanity on Dr. King's day from Obama friend and former 'Green Czar' Van Jones

On Dr. King's day, Van Jones cites environmental injustice, not connecting his friend Obama's callous, if not criminal actions against underprivileged people following the BP oil spill. These victims' only crime was having a southern accent and making a modest living in the American Gulf. In place of oil, Jones cites wind and air but it is known these alternatives often cannot work without fossil fuel, still don't come close to providing what our population requires, while enriching government cronies who are given taxpayer dollars to support their now rapidly failing businesses.

1/17/11, "Honoring King, Jones stresses 'hope is a renewable resource'," The Trustees of Princeton University, The News at Princeton, Eric Quinones

""You can't drill holes and pull out death from the ground -- burn death in your engines, burn death in your power plants -- and then be shocked when you get death from the skies in the form of
  • global warming and death from the oceans in the form of oil spills," he (Jones) said.
Addressing the students, he said, "The question is: Can your generation insist that our society stop drilling those holes at some point?"...
  • "If you want to see the future, look at the living sun … look at the wind."
Devastating events such Katrina and the BP oil spill show the need for change both in environmental policy and in how the
  • underprivileged are treated in America, Jones said....
"If you want to bring forward Dr. King's view, you have to be the generation that says: 'Never again. Not on our watch.
We don't turn on each other -- we turn to each other. We are all in this together.'""

Reference: 1/12/11, "Plant will shut after $52 million in state aid," Boston Globe

1/17/11, "Conservation group sues to stop California solar plant," Reuters, Nicola Groom

1/09/11, "Customers face huge bill from wind farms that don't work in the cold," UK Daily Mail, Tom McGhie

Today's environmental movement was taken over by a group with a fixed platform:
  • Anti economic development
  • Anti car
  • Anti United States
This doesn't even get into what a farce Princeton University has become. ed.

via Tom Nelson

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