Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Communist China is 'ahead' of us in the 'race' for 'green' jobs

12/12/10, "A Dying Breeze," The Resilient Earth, Doug L. Hoffman

"If there was ever an object lesson supporting the need for responsible citizens to become politically active regarding energy and environmental matters just look at the deal making going on the the US Congress over the tax cut renewal bill. In order to secure enough votes for the bill,
This is a blatant payoff for special interests who know how the Washington game is played. In Congress this is called “compromise,” any place else
If you are a US citizen contact your representative and senators!"...

'Rare earth' minerals are required in the manufacture of wind turbines
Our environmental rules and wages make it too expensive to extract here. We opted out of the "race" for green jobs. Most rare earths come from Communist China now. Rare earth smelting plant in
  • Communist China (picture below, reuters, 11/21/10)
  • This is why Communist China is "ahead" of us in the "race" for "green" jobs.
11/22/10, Even Al Gore says ethanol is a big mistake he only pushed to get elected. Reuters

"Dying Breeze" post from Tom Nelson

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