Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soros had 32% return in 2007, +10% return in 2008 when rest of world saw 'colossal destruction of wealth'. George Bush is entirely to blame.

In 2008, "Five trillion dollars of Americans’ household wealth had evaporated in just 12 weeks as stocks, pensions, and home values plummeted. We were losing an average of 700,000 jobs each month..."
(p. 1, 'Budget of the United States, fiscal year 2011)
"Even so, (Soros Hedge Fund) Quantum achieved a
  • 32 per cent return in 2007,
making the then 77-year-old the second-highest paid hedge fund manager in the world, according to Institutional Investor's Alpha magazine.
  • He ended 2008,
a year that saw global destruction of wealth on the most colossal scale since the second world war, with two out of three hedge funds losing money,
  • up almost 10 per cent."...

(It's good to know our politicians are helping at least one person. ed.)

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