Monday, December 16, 2019

In Nov. 2019 so-called GOP Senate Intel Chmn Burr said Senate impeachment trial will last 6-8 wks and run 6 days a wk. Great! Then world will see exactly why Republican voters massively and historically rejected the Republican Party exemplified by Burr in 2016 primaries, and that these rejects still run the US

 12/15/19, John Ratcliffe Explains Why Corrupt Senators on SSCI Would Never Allow His Nomination – And Why a Senate Impeachment Trial is A Risk,” tcth, sundance 

“Representative John Ratcliffe is one of only three Republican members of congress [the only one remaining (Gowdy, Goodlate gone)] who has seen all of the classified material evidence behind the FISA application and the intelligence abuses in 2016.Ratcliffe outlines the scale and scope of the abuses as well as what they mean in the context of corrupt and illegal DOJ and FBI activity. 

The takeaway from this interview with Bartiromo is exactly why senators who participated with the intelligence operation to remove and eliminate President Trump blocked Ratcliffe’s nomination to the position of Director of National Intelligence.

[Image: Warner and Burr] 

The SSCI controls who is allowed to be CIA Director, NSA Director and Director of National Intelligence. The nominees must pass through this committee. Senator Burr and Senator Warner are the Chairman and Vice-Chair respectively. Both blocked Ratcliffe. 

The SSCI is compromised. One example of their compromise was how they worked with SSCI Security Director James Wolfe to leak the Carter Page FISA application to the media.  Other examples include how Vice-Chairman Warner was communicating covertly with Christopher Steele and back-channeling information to Robert Mueller. There are dozens more specific examples if you use the “search function” on this website. Keywords: “SSCI” and “Warner” and “Burr“ 

Because of their direct role in confirming the officials who would have access to the evidence of their compromise, the SSCI can block anyone who would be a risk to them. 

President Trump nominated John Ratcliffe for the position of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). Senator Burr informed the White House that nominee does not align with their interests. President Trump withdrew the nomination. 

The intelligence apparatus is a key part of the rogue administrative state that operates in direct alignment with a rogue state department and politicians who use their influence to gain material wealth from sales of policy. It is a synergy of DC interests…. 

The office of the presidency cannot overcome that institutional power dynamic; the only thing President Trump can do it attempt to work around them.”… 

[Comment: In this case they all know Trump is a coward and caves like a five year old girl. So they treat him like a 5 year old girl. Recall when they made him go on television to make a supposed pitiful correction for something completely innocuous he’d said in the 2018 televised meeting with Putin in Finland. JFK was the only one who didn’t bow to the Pentagon. Two days after JFK’s death LBJ ramped up US troops in Vietnam. Obviously, US presidential elections are fake and must be canceled]. 

(continuing): “Ipso Facto:  If you accept the intellectual honesty behind the process issues above; and if you accept how the SSCI will only permit nominees that are not a risk to their interests; then it becomes of greater importance to consider who they *did* permit: 

CIA Director Gina Haspel was not a threat to the corrupt state.
CIA Director Mike Pompeo was not a threat to the corrupt state.
ODNI Dan Coats was not a threat to the corrupt state.
NSA Director Paul M Nakasone is not a threat to the corrupt state. 

Using a process of elimination, my evolving contention is now that State Dept. Secretary Mike Pompeo is handling President Trump by giving him advice that keeps the United States President oblivious to the danger around him. Secretary Pompeo will allow President Trump to work on his economic agenda and will not attempt to interfere because that would expose Pompeo to getting fired. 

There is also a massive overlay of corrupt political enterprise, that’s where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is controlling the valves. 

Similarly it now appears AG Bill Barr was recommended by those within the intelligence apparatus (who control the administrative state) to have some control over the outcomes. 

With no demonstrable action to highlight any other intention, Bill Barr is now positioned as the corruption monitor with an agenda to mitigate any damage to the institutions. 

AG Bill Barr talks a good game with the purpose of keeping President Trump’s supporters from recognizing the real threat his presence represents.  The only action Barr will ever take is when there is overwhelming, incontrovertible, evidence that breaks through to the public spotlight by independent exposure. 

Otherwise the objective is to hide the rot and protect the institutions. 

On all issues of the domestic and foreign intelligence apparatus: FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, ODNI, Dept of State, etc the office of the presidency is being managed. 

Feel free to dispute that assertion; however, dispute with demonstrable facts to back up a counter argument -not trusty planning- try to keep the outlook grounded in provable facts. 

An example of fact: [Republican] Senator Burr was confident a month ago…



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