Thursday, September 15, 2016

Observations about new Michael Savage book, 'Scorched Earth,' by Tamara Wilhite. Savage's concerns have proved to be justified

9/15/16, "Scorched Earth, a Book Review," Tamara Wilhite, The Hub

subhead, "Observations about Michael Savages's book"

"Savage is concerned there will be a Chinese Great Leap Forward type purge. Before Obama’s re-election, this would have sounded insane. Skip forward a few years. When whites can be demonized and actively discriminated against with outright segregation and told to defer to people of color for speech, equality is clearly abandoned for inverting the social pyramid of the 1950s to punish the grandchildren of the supposed offenders.

Diversity training in the workplace and “bias” training in schools where whites are told they are racist, irrational, bigots and can only be tolerated in public by their supposed victims by publicly renouncing their “privilege”, apologizing for the sins of their ancestors and self-flagellating. This is akin to Islam’s routine social depravations of dhimmi, non-Muslims in a Shariah state, where non-Muslims have to dismount their ride when a Muslim passes, can’t be told the equivalent of “good morning”, can never sing hymns where Muslims might hear, and always defer to the Muslim. Failure to do this risks charges of blasphemy and the accompanying violence, as Christian workers in Pakistan routinely see if demanding their pay.

What makes Savage’s expectation of similar violence in the U.S. realistic are the thousands of cases annually of whites, Asians and Hispanics being attacked by blacks in “polar bear hunting” and “knockout games” with impunity, while the DoJ sent a whole team to go after the few proven cases of a white person doing the same to a black. If you can have groups of young blacks assaulting whites for entertainment, not caring or facing punishment for assault at a minimum and occasional deaths that result, pogroms against whites are no longer out of the realm of possibility.

Likewise, the deliberate violence by the authoritarian left against conservatives is telling. Trump supporters left a political rally to be pelted with eggs, stones and fists. When one political group can attack members of another with impunity and police do nothing to protect the ones being assaulted, you have fascism."...


Added: Violence in the streets? "Yes, yes, yes!" gushes Soros:

George Soros has gleefully anticipated violence on American streets: "Yes, yes, yes," and says the unrest will be an excuse for government restrictions on American freedom that could be worse than the violence itself. (1/23/2012, Newsweek, "George Soros on the coming US class war," John Arlidge, 4th parag. from end)


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