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Egyptian citizens view Obama as a supporter of terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2013 the Egyptian people urged the American people to "wake up" to the fact that Obama supported the outgoing fascist regime in Egypt

7/7/2013, Egypt, getty

Above, 7/7/2013, In Egypt after removal of Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi: "Some held signs showing Obama with a beard in an attempt to depict him as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood." 

Image caption: "A man holds up an image of US President Barack Obama sporting a beard during a rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square on July 7, 2013. Opponents of Egypt's deposed Islamist President Mohammed Morsi packed Tahrir Square in the tens of thousands to show the world his ouster was not a military coup but a reflection of the people's will. Khaled Desouki / AFP - Getty Images"

July 7, 2013, "Egyptian military supporters flood Tahrir Square," NBC News,

"Demonstrators held signs that read "Egypt: A revolution not a coup" and others held signs with an 'X' over President Barack Obama's face. The anti-American sentiment stems from a perception by some that Obama was not supportive of the army's actions to overthrow [Muslim Brotherhood's] Morsi

Some held signs showing Obama with a beard in an attempt to depict him as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama has not characterized the events in Egypt as either a coup or revolution, and administration officials have said the U.S. government would not back any of the country's political parties or military."


Protesters in Egypt in 2013 urged American people to "wake up" to fact that "Obama backs up a fascist regime in Egypt:"

Above, (via @betsy_hiel)

Above, (via @Mona_ElAshry)
July 3, 2013, "Obama Supports Terrorism': Egyptian Protests 'Anti-Obama' as well as Anti-Morsi, CNN reports," MediaIte, Matt Wilstein


July 2012: "Obama don't send your dollars to jihadists." The Egyptians even tried to warn us about Obama a year earlier when they protested Mrs. Clinton's visit: 

Above, July 2012, "Anger: Christians demonstrated outside Mrs. Clinton's hotel over US support for the Islamist government," AFP Getty

7/15/2012, "Hillary's motorcade pelted with tomatoes and shoes as Egyptian protesters shout 'Monica, Monica'," Daily Mail


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