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The Bush family is a vicious, anti-conservative, power-hungry clan. Treating Jeb as just another candidate is naive and embarrassing. Republican Party is a lock-step, totalitarian enemy of conservatives-Kuznicki

6/17/15, "The Big Picture on Jeb," by

"Conservatives must look at the big picture on Jeb Bush. The Bush family is a vicious anti-conservative power-hungry clan, and treating Jeb as just another candidate is naive and embarrassing.

Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner wrote an article about Erick Erickson from RedState titled, “Erick Erickson Switches on Jeb Bush.” In it, Scarry notes that Erickson’s tone and substance on Jeb Bush changed considerably when it was announced that Jeb Bush would be attending Erickson’s “RedState gathering.”

I don’t care if Jeb Bush goes to the gathering, I don’t care that Erickson switched, he does this time and time again, goes hard right then squishes then denies, like I said, I don’t care.

But let’s understand why conservatives should give no quarter to Jeb Bush, much less call his announcement, “solid.”

According to Scarry, Erickson wrote, “[Bush] gave a defense of limited government, a defense of school choice, and a defense of religious liberty,” Erickson wrote Tuesday on Red State. “He gave a stinging and damning indictment of the past seven years without just throwing [President] Obama-bashing red meat to the crowd. And he did one key thing he needs to do going forward — focus on what was a very conservative record as Florida’s governor while ignoring his more recent statements that give conservatives justified heartburn.”

I get sick of this horse-race stuff. Jeb Bush spent like a drunken George W. Bush. This type of, “well, gee, let’s give him a chance,” crap is over. As if Erickson is standing back and fairly weighing his options on just who of these dozen candidates deserves a conservative medal.

Let’s understand what Jeb Bush represents, and let’s get past the naive, or perhaps fake shallowness disguised as, “being a good Christian,” about, “people on our side.”

Jeb ain’t on our side.

Jeb’s been running for president since at least 2011.  His team sent letters to all the Republican legislators who won in 2012 in battleground states.  His book came out signaling a complete shift in immigration dealings at the same time his team, (Sally Bradshaw) and allies like the Barbours who would later accuse conservatives of racism in Mississippi, and the rest co-authored the, “autopsy report” which slapped down conservatives as, “talking to themselves” and used the same verbiage as the book, especially the, “America looks different” part. All the cross-over pundits like Kristol and Hume and others on Fox News began, the very day after the massive loss of the presidency in 2012, saying Republicans needed to pass “comprehensive immigration reform.” matching the tone and singular focus of John Ellis Bush’s “fundamental immigration reform.” In May of 2013, the data of the Republican Party was, as outlined in the autopsy report, handed over to a team affiliated with Karl Rove. At the same time, and following the outlandish changes of policy at the national Party level, local Republican Parties were cutting out conservatives, methodically, continuously, substantially.

The Republican Party is one, big lock-step totalitarian machine who, for the past four or five years have been gearing up to put Jeb Bush in the White House. Party rules all over the nation have been tightened up, if you are a delegate and you plan to try to defeat Bush, you’ll never make it to the convention, or at least, not enough of you.

Conservatives must understand that even if you are in the Republican Party, the Party is your enemy.  I’m not saying leave, I’m just saying realize that they, and you know who I mean, aren’t going to help your “conservative purity” see the light of day.

Now, saying positive, conservative things about Jebby, who is going to a gathering he thinks will burnish his conservative credentials, even though he insists he doesn’t need conservative votes, (the same way we gotta continue to hear he was a conservative governor, which he was not) is at the very least phony, and possibly damaging to the nation at large.

Hey, I’m not saying Erickson has that much clout, I’m just saying what a bunch of baloney.
It’s not realistic, nor is it worth any conservative’s time to listen to what Jeb apologists have to say. He doesn’t want our votes, let him shrivel on the vine without them. He won’t get conservative Democrats, he doesn’t want them either, he is destined to fail as long as we crush him in the primaries. This appeasement crap serves the opposite purpose.

Now is not the time for conservatives to compartmentalize the seemingly, “random” happenings in the Party in recent years. It’s all connected, it’s all Jeb, who is nothing more than another narcissistic and condescending country club Repubican nobody can stand.

And here is Erickson giving Jeb vomit-inducing advice “going forward” as a “spokesman” of conservatives.  It has to stop."


The irritable children must shut the hell up-Codevilla:

"No prominent Republican challenged the ruling class’s continued claim of superior insight, nor its denigration of the American people as irritable children who must learn their place."...
July-August 2010, "America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution," by
"The only serious opposition to this arrogant Ruling Party is coming not from feckless Republicans but from what might be called the Country Party — and its vision is revolutionary."...


Comment: The Bush family viciously fought against and mocked Ronald Reagan. Reagan then named George Bush his VP. Had Reagan not made that inexplicable mistake, the so-called Bush dynasty wouldn't have happened. I wasn't a Reagan fan, didn't vote for him, but obviously the Bush crowd is much worse. Reagan's obsession with abortion made me sick.



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