Thursday, June 4, 2015

Desalination murder thriller in 1965 Perry Mason episode tonight on ME tv, valuable formula for desalination stolen

12/12/1965, "The Case of the Baffling Bug," 1965, Perry Mason, Season 9, Episode 13, IMDB

"Dr. Todd Meade works for a company developing a new secret process."

"At Perry Mason's suggestion, Paul Drake is hired to screen employees at Tryon Industries for a meeting when the owners think their industrial process for desalinization [also known as desalination] might be stolen. After the details were discussed in the meeting, they find it was stolen and brought to market by a competitor, Coleridge Associates. The obvious suspect is Dr. Todd Meade a former employee at Coleridge and who may at one time have been - and still be - involved with their CEO Rhonda Coleridge. Also, on the development team are Dr. Maseo Tachikawa and Dr. Nina Revelli from Japan and Italy respectively - both countries are known for their involvement in industrial espionage. Dr. Maseo Tachikawa is found to be making investments worth far more than his salary. When a counterspy hired by Tryon and working undercover is found dead in Meade's lab, it's Meade who is arrested and charged with murder. When Paul finds that Perry's office has been bugged, they are able to use it to their advantage and set a trap... Written by garykmcd"

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