Sunday, June 28, 2015

Over 92% of US Catholic Refugee funding in 2011 was US taxpayer dollars funneled to them. While receiving this US gov. cash, the Catholic Church kindly advocated gov. so-called Dream Act-Catholic World News

8/29.2012, "Federal funds account for nearly 93% of USCCB’s migration/refugee budget," Catholic World News,

"The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services has published its 2011 annual report.

According to the report, over 92.5% of Migration and Refugee Services’ $72.1 million budget came from federal grants and contracts, while under $25,000 came from private donations. 

Nearly 80% of expenses were allotted to diocesan programs and direct assistance to refugees and other clients. In 2011, Migration and Refugee Services resettled 14,285 people--25% of refugees entering the United States.

Between 2006 and 2011, Migration and Refugee Services assisted 2,735 victims of human trafficking before the Department of Health and Human Services’ controversial decision not to renew its grant to the USCCB. 

During 2011, Migration and Refugee Services also advocated for the passage of the DREAM Act."


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