Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Washington Post gives Obama 4 full Pinocchios for his lie that he always said Benghazi was terrorism

5/14/13, "Washington Post Factchecker Destroys Obama's Claim he Called Libya 'Terrorism'," Breitbart, John Nolte

"Monday, during his appearance before the media with British Prime Minister David Cameron, President Obama was again caught  lying to cover up his lying and covering-up in the aftermath of a successful terror attack in Libya that cost four American lives. Obama actually claimed before the world that, “The day after [Libya] happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism.”

That is a bald-faced lie. In fact it is such a bald-faced lie that Washington Post factchecker Glenn Kessler awarded the President the full-boat of four Pinocchios:

[T]he president’s claim that he said “act of terrorism” is taking revisionist history too far, given that he repeatedly refused to commit to that phrase when asked directly by reporters in the weeks after the attack. He appears to have gone out of his way to avoid saying it was a terrorist attack, so he has little standing to make that claim now. 

Indeed, the initial unedited talking points did not call it an act of terrorism. Instead of pretending the right words were uttered, it would be far better to acknowledge that he was echoing what the intelligence community believed at the time--and that the administration’s phrasing could have been clearer and more forthright from the start.

The lying from this Administration about Libya never stops. And it is not some mid-level administration official doing the lying, nor is it some political flak. The President is doing the lying and doing so before all of the media in the most brazen and craven way imaginable."


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