Friday, November 9, 2012

Victory without triumph in Obama win, lackluster campaign, thin popular majority-Der Spiegel

11/8/12, Victory without Triumph Tough Road Ahead for Obama after Lackluster Win,” Der Spiegel, A Commentary by Gregor Peter Schmitz

Barack Obama may have won the election, but it is a victory devoid of triumph. The tough win means that the president will have to take small steps to achieve his political goals during his second term in office. …

Does this mean the Democratic candidate has achieved a historical triumph?
No, it does not. Obama ran a lackluster election campaign, one distinguished more by harsh attacks on his opponent Mitt Romney than by pride in his own accomplishments. Just how narrow the victory was can be seen in the popular vote count. While the incumbent easily defeated his challenger in the Electoral College, he only managed to eke out
  • a razor thin majority of total votes cast.
“Go vote” ultimately became the mantra at Obama rallies as the campaign drew to a close, a more pragmatic appeal that replaced the earlier, visionary slogans “Hope” and “Change.” It was essential to re-elect Obama, because he had not yet completed his difficult task — this was the pared-down message of the president’s campaign for a second term.

A Weak Opponent

Nor was this absurdly long and absurdly expensive electoral battle a historic duel, not at all comparable to Obama’s epic struggle against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic 

Republican candidate Romney proved instead to be an opponent who will quickly be forgotten by history — an inept, even awkward politician.”…via Free Republic


Ed. note: Parts of this piece were interesting but the author is apparently a radical of some kind. I say this because he describes the very establishment Paul Ryan as “a radical.” Over time, you can get people to believe anything. 82% of Muslims in Egypt believe you should be stoned to death for adultery. I liked the comment below from a Green Party member. If the presidency is beyond one’s reach, focus on local elections.


among comments at Der Spiegel:

Yesterday at 07.11.2012 from retarded-freak:

In the Green Party we think it doesn’t really matter who the president is. The important thing is local elections. I knew Obama would win anyway. It wasn’t important. The important thing was getting Green Party Candidates into the [...] more…”


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