Friday, November 16, 2012

More GOP 'leaders' eager to bow to Obama, GOP governors say Obama won, so we’re going to sleep for 4 yrs. All GOP should go home, no reason for them to exist

Politico has pictures of 3 so-called “Republican governors” but only 2 of them actually are govs. Haley Barbour is a former governor and current hack. Pathetic Va. gov. says ‘people have spoken’…The president campaigned on that.’... So all elections have been cancelled except US pres. because Obama ‘campaigned on’ that, says the GOP:

11/15/12, “Republican governors go soft on taxes,” Politico, Martin and Hohmann

Some Republican governors are softening on the party’s hard-line toward tax increases for the wealthy, suggesting that GOP congressmen at least be open to rate hikes in exchange for a comprehensive fiscal agreement on taxes and entitlements.

The people have spoken, I think we’re going to have to be [flexible] now,” said Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, when asked if his party would now have to be open to taxes on the highest earners. “Elections do have consequences.  

The president campaigned on that.””…


Politico elevates hack Barbour to GOP royalty:
  • Politico:
“Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, one of the most influential Republicans in the country, echoed McDonnell’s assessment.”…
To further deify hack Barbour Politico next labels him as among “elite Republicans.” The “elite” Barbour is portrayed as humbled, defeated, and to top it off Barbour uses the Alinsky buzz word “puristwhich is code for ‘crazy:’
You can’t be purist,” Barbour said….
It underlines what many elite Republicans see as the urgent policy and political demands of the moment.”…via Drudge

Ed. note: The term “purist” isn’t used against democrats–they get to be whatever they want. But it’s a favorite of clubhouse GOP to demonize the Silent Majority, a group which has never done anything except play by the rules and keep quiet, foolishly believing the GOP cared as much about this country as they did. The GOP only cares about being liked by democrats.


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