Sunday, November 18, 2012

Both political parties wanted immigrants who would overload US gov. assistance roles, Democrats to add voters, Republicans to dilute, financially weaken, and permanently silence the Silent Majority which had begun to speak above a whisper to the horror of the Country Club GOP

11/16/12, “Tribal America,” Mark Steyn, National Review

2nd parag fr. end: Republicans think they’re importing hardworking immigrants who want a shot at the American Dream; the  

Democrats think they’re importing clients for Big Government.  

The Left is right: Just under 60 percent of immigrants receive some form of welfare. I see the recent Republican proposals for some form of amnesty contain all sorts of supposed safeguards against gaming the system, including a $525 application fee for each stage of the legalization process. On my own recent visit to a U.S. Immigration office, I was interested to be told that, as a matter of policy, the Obama administration is now rubberstamping all “fee waiver” requests for “exceptional hardship” filed by members of approved identity groups. And so it will go for all those GOP safeguards. While Canada and Australia compete for high-skilled immigrants,

America fast-tracks an unskilled welfare class 

of such economic benefit to their new homeland they can’t even afford a couple of hundred bucks for the necessary paperwork. It’s hardly their fault. If you were told you could walk into a First World nation and access free education, free health care, free services in your own language, and have someone else pay your entrance fee, why wouldn’t you? So, yes, Republicans should “moderate” their tone toward immigrants, and de-moderate their attitude to the Dems who suckered the GOP all too predictably. Decades of faintheartedness toward some of the most destabilizing features of any society, including bilingualism (take it from a semi-Belgian Canadian), have brought the party to its date with destiny.”…


No room for a robust middle class within a robust private sector in this model:

“A majority of the American labor movement is now directly dependent on tax dollars.”

4/1/2010,The Obama Coalition,” The Atlantic, Thomas Byrne Edsall

Over the last two years, there has been a massive increase in the number of people who have no place to turn except to the government. Enactment of the Obama administration’s health care reform legislation demonstrates the growing power of this burgeoning constituency—a constituency which will reap a disproportionate share of the $1 trillion in new health care spending over the next decade….

Constituencies strongly supportive of government intervention in the economy to provide a much stronger safety net are expanding. In the 2008 election, three previously-marginalized groups—unmarried women, Latinos, and African Americans—made up 43 percent of the total electorate and just over 62 percent of the voters who backed Obama.  …

As each of these left-leaning constituencies grows, they transform the Democratic Party….

While these trends have been in evidence for decades, last year, for the first time, public sector union members outnumbered those in the private sector. The consequences of this shift are profound. A majority of the American labor movement is now directly dependent on tax dollars….

The fundamental economic issue in post-Great Depression American politics, the issue that dominated politics from the start of the Great Depression into the mid-1960s, has renewed salience….

Health care reform marks a significant milestone in the restoration of the American progressive tradition.”...

[Ed. note: Mr. Edsall: ObamaCare is an insurance mandate, not a healthcare mandate. It's also a massive tax increase on the middle class, funnels billions to cronies, and forces the proletariat to pay for separate, private, gold plated health care for the political class.]

(continuing): “Obama has taken major risks. He could go down in flames; he could blend into history in the manner of Fillmore, Arthur, and Harding; or he could effect—as promised—the long-awaited transformation of American politics.”


Ed. note: Add to this that the media today sides with all powerful government against the people. Wholesale theft is the only outcome.


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