Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Huge crowd for Romney shocks officials in Ohio town,' expected 1000, 8500 came out, Wed. Oct. 10


10/11/12, "Huge crowd for Romney shocks officials in Ohio town," Standard-Examiner, R. Lloyd, Sidney, Ohio

"Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney received a warm reception on a cold evening at the Shelby County Fairgrounds Wednesday as he addressed a crowd estimated at more than 8,500 people, more than eight times the number expected to turn out.

Josh Romney, one of five sons, introduced his father, describing the former governor of Massachusetts as "my hero and the next president of the United States."

As the elder Romney took the stage, the sea of people rose into a breaking wave of cell phones and cameras to capture the momentous event, chanting "four more weeks, four more weeks!" Romney told the crowd he’d been watching President Barack Obama’s rallies hearing the chants of "four more years, but said, "I’ve been looking at my calendar and I think ’four more weeks’ is more appropriate."

Romney, who will face the incumbent Obama at the polls in just under four weeks, appealed to his largely rural and working-class audience with his focus on jobs, health care and the estate tax. He commented several times on the size of the crowd and thanked everyone for coming out.

"The median income in this country has dropped by $4,300 per family," Romney said of the past four years. "And with median income around 50 thousand bucks, that’s a huge drop."

Romney said health care premiums are up $2,500, while Obama promised they would drop by that amount.

He pointed out the increase in gasoline prices: "double since he’s been president, or more."

"These are tough times. The president’s answer to this is to say he’s going to save Big Bird," Romney said to a laugh from the crowd. "My view is it’s better to have a president that’s going to save the American family and help people across this country." The laughter turned to rousing cheers.
The candidate said the country "can’t afford another four years like the last four years have been," adding that re-electing Obama would mean continued rising prices and falling incomes....

Romney also expressed his support for energy independence, including taking advantage of all of the nation’s resources and technology from oil to natural gas to nuclear to wind energy. He said he wanted to double the number of licenses for drilling on federal land and open up drilling in Alaska....

Attendance far surpassed the initial projection of about 1,000."...via Free Republic. photo ap


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