Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Rio, architect of UN global environmental governance cites Tea Party among planetary changes in past few years

6/21/12, "Eurozone crisis and US presidential race 'damaged Rio+20 prospects'," UK Guardian, Jonathan Watts

"In the US, she [Gro Harlem Brundtland, adviser to UN's Ban Ki-Moon and former Norway Prime Minister] saw a worrying decline in political support for environmental issues. "The election scene is an obvious factor in the decision by Obama not to be here. The climate issue on the American scene has been really difficult for years and in many ways it is worse now than three or four years ago. The Republican right – the Tea party, etc – are building around climate denial. In that sense, the American scene is deteriorating on these issues."...

Few people know the risks and opportunities better. In 1983, Brundtland was given arguably the most important task in the world: to plot a new path for humanity that restores the balance between economic growth and environmental protection, or as it often appeared in the headlines, to "save the planet".

The Bruntland Commission went on to define what is now referred to as "sustainable development" and paved the way for the '92 summit that established the architecture of global environmental governance, including key conventions on

  • climate and biodiversity."...via Tom Nelson


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