Friday, June 29, 2012

After Justice Thomas dissents on ObamaCare the left calls him 'house nigga,' 'Uncle Tom'

6/28/12, "Justice Thomas dissents, Left hurls vile racial slurs ‘house nigga,’ ‘Uncle Tom’,"

"As Twitchy reported this morning, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the individual mandate in Obamacare as a tax. Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Alito and Thomas dissented. Repulsively, yet predictably, this caused the Left to hurl vile racial slurs at Justice Clarence Thomas. They started yesterday, but are going all-in on the disgusting today....

"Kiefer Jack, This house nigga Clarence Thomas dissented on the supreme court decision to uphold the presidents health care platform."...

He’s not “really black,” you see. Much like conservative women aren’t “real” women and are instead gender-traitors. To the Left, racists and sexists at heart, all people must be put into identity groups and then must all think alike. They can’t possibly think for themselves. Silly girls and minorities. Know your places!...

"Mario Price, Clarence Thomas voted against me he is that field nigga that will never be a house nigga but he keeps trying anyway."...(many more tweets at site) via Weasel Zippers


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